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Dyslexia to super learner

If that sounds like an impossible headline, then you’d not be the only one thinking that… However last weekend I had the pleasure of working with 2 people who had been diagnosed as severely dyslexic in primary school.

The consequences of such a label can have quite an effect on a youngster’s confidence and self belief; yet in spite of this difficult start they had moved through the schooling system, one of them becoming home schooled as the school felt they couldn’t help much,  and dealt with the challenges of not being able to read or spell with much confidence. With time they had developed fulfilling careers and managed to deal with their ‘different’ way of relating to words.

So it was with some excitement and raised eyebrows, especially from a teacher in the audience who specialised in working with kids with the same kind of learning difficulties, that I introduced the subject of teaching dyslexics to become super learners… especially when I said it normally took about 15 minutes…

They tell it better than I ever could -watch the video to see what happened…


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