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Dyslexia Clinic

Phil heads a specialist team who have a long track record of helping people overcome blocks to learning.

Having issues with learning can affect people in two major ways; firstly there’s the various difficulties people can have in processing information and secondly, getting into nervous and unconfident states around whenever it’s time to learn – this naturally makes processing information less easy and learning becomes less fun and more complicated as a result.

Luckily NLP provides great, simple and effective solutions for both these problems. You can learn the best strategies for you to recall and process information, and learn how to instantly swap that fear and worry for confidence.

‘I can now spell so well with Phil’s techniques, it almost feels  like I’m cheating’ – Farah, diagnosed dyslexic at 7 years old

So if you want to free yourself from these blocks to being your best, easily and comfortably, ring for a chat or book to see our experienced team now. Contact us now!

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