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Phil Parker – Master Trainer NLP | Expert in the psychology of health, happiness & genius | Hay House Author | PhD Researcher | Designer of the Lightning Process

NLP and coaching; practical tools for Positive Psychology

NLP and coaching provide an excellent approach to health, happiness and genius. Recent research from Positive Psychology, the scientific enquiry into what makes for a great life, supports why understanding NLP and coaching could be in really important to your health and life, I hope you find this introduction useful,


How could NLP and coaching help me?

What is NLP?

Our NLP training courses and NLP based coaching provide professionally delivered practical solutions, and with our range of options, some of which you’ll find below, we’ve something that’s bound to be a great fit for you. (New to NLP and not sure what it is? Then please click here)

NLP courses:

Training in NLP can be one of the most life changing experiences you’ll ever have, not only will you learn the cutting edge tools of NLP whilst discovering how the mind works, but you’ll be able to apply these skills to yourself and help others change their lives in extraordinary ways too. Our range of NLP courses include:

* First level courses in NLP & coaching – if you’re beginning on your NLP training journey
* Certified practitioner NLP courses – the benchmark in NLP training
* Diploma in Clinical NLP – become a leader in the NLP world with this ultimate NLP practitioner training
* Certified master practitioner NLP courses – an advanced NLP training

Coaching & NLP:

I provide personal coaching and clinical NLP sessions for a wide range of issues in many different contexts. I try and keep some sessions free most weeks for new clients as I know once you’ve decided to make changes you’ll want to get started as soon as possible; with 30 years of experience working with people as diverse as explorers, pop stars and CEO’s together we can find some great solutions for your needs, these include:

*Executive coaching – using NLP & coaching we work with leaders in the workplace
*Corporate training – NLP & coaching for healthier, happier & more successful businesses
*Coaching training – taking the skills of NLP and coaching back into your workplace
*Integrative NLP Coaching – combining these two powerful approaches for change: great for emotional issues, stress, relationships, changing habits and unwanted behaviours, phobias, smoking, weight issues, resolving past trauma and improving your future.

NLP based health coaching and The Lightning Process:

One of my areas of specialism is applying the ideas of NLP and coaching to health, and when combined with my osteopathic training, it provides a very useful route for making changes in your health issues. Over the years I’ve developed a number of very effective approaches for working with NLP with patients and health care professionals, these include:

*Lightning Process for health issues – the successful approach for health issues
*NLP for Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists – professional training for the health care professions

And we’ve also a range of unique and effective on line NLP course, NLP programmes, audio programmes and books on NLP, coaching, the Lightning Process and change so you can get you an even more extraordinary life.

Reliable information about NLP

Some of the questions often asked about NLP and coaching are, does it work, how do I know if an NLP practitioner is suitably qualified, what’s a session with an NLP practitioner actually like, how do I find a great NLP trainer, NLP practitioner or NLP coach? I hope this website provides some answers to these key NLP questions. I found them very important questions to get answered when I first came across coaching and NLP in the 1980s. Since then I’ve seen just how much NLP and coaching can achieve and I think integrating NLP and coaching provides such a effective opportunity for change that everyone should have a chance to experience it.

Free NLP resources

As a result you’ll find many free NLP resources, NLP training tools, NLP podcasts, video about NLP and NLP audio programmes for you to get a sense of how you can use NLP to move your life on.
I hope you enjoy finding that NLP and coaching could be exactly the thing that makes a difference to your future,