Confession time – I’ve been on mindfulness and mediation courses, bought the books, downloaded the apps that remind me to make time for meditation and sent the mindfulness post card, yet still if I log my meditation practice, there’s about as many entries as there are Christmases in a year.mindful6

Basically I suck at making time for mediation, mainly because I find it dull and just drift off onto other topics other than being mindful.Img_buddha-with-flower_jpg

All the research shows the health and emotional benefits of it (covered in the podcast), so what to do?

I spent some time this month building this little podcast mainly for myself, using my teaching and state management skills, so I could find 5 minutes a day to just ‘be’.

You can find it here -I hope you find it useful too. Please leave a review here and on iTunes if you do…

Much Love and mindfulness