I thought you might like a window onto one family’s journey through the Lightning Process. I think it sums up a number of key points; the natural caution people can have when finding out about a new approach which appears to make an almost miraculous difference to so many, the value of hearing the stories of others who’ve shared a similar journey and the final results…shop book lp

Suzanne: Hi there, I have written to Phil Parker via. email but as yet haven’t heard back probs. as it has gone into his ‘other’ emails due to not being a friend on FB. Just wondering if someone can give me a heads up on why this program which is designed to help people get well is so costly -putting more pressure on already struggling people to perhaps get the help they need…? Thanks all

 Phil Parker Hi Suzanne, thanks for you question. I guess the best place to start answering it is to ask ‘costly compared to what?’

  • GPs, consultants and even alternative practitioners all charge for their help; ranging between £300 to £40 per hour…even if we don’t pay it directly, as in the UK, we are still paying for it through taxation.
    The average cost of an lp seminar is £600 for 3 days and 3 hours follow up of practitioner’s time: this puts them at the lowest end of that pay spectrum- so it’s difficult to agree it’s costly.
    Some suggest that the LP should be given away free, and we would love for this to happen for the reasons you mention, yet for a practitioner to be professional and effective and able to dedicate their time to their clients they need to be working in the field in that capacity rather than as hobby…so, until the LP is funded by the state, which is something we are working on, the practitioners need to charge to live. I hope that helps to answer your question?
  • Becky  What price on health though? I was ill for 12 years and couldn’t work. The money I spent on the LP was the best money I ever spent. It gave me my life back and now I have the ability to work and pay back the money many times over. To have the LP available on the NHS would be great in the future; I would love for more people to have access to it that need it.
    6 October 
  • Ann : In Norway we pay £1500, but compered to all the money I spent on long time treatement that did not work, that is not much at all. And after discovering just how much hours of work a LP – Practitioner puts into such a course, I am suprised it can be done in such a low price. I also got my health and the ability to work back, after spending so much money and energy on many other types of treatement that did not last. So grateful to all you people doing this at such a low cost! Looking forward to becomeing one of you.
    6 October
  • Gina:  I worked out that it compares very favourably with two years of CBT – which was the only other plausible alternative. Plus it’s quicker and more fun! For me it was worth every penny because I came off sick benefits and now earn money from working but that’s leaving out entirely the fact that I’m now well and not virtually housebound as I was before.
    6 October 
  • Victoria:  I agree with what has been said in the comments. I spent thousands over 5 years that did not work, and £500 on what did. To me, getting my life back was worth any amount of money. I also was able to go back into work and off benefits pretty quickly. Best £500 I ever spent.
    6 October 
  • Suzanne: Hi Phil, that is such a helpful response. Thank you for taking the time. Also I would like to thank YOU for creating this! I am a mixture of emotions – I am a single mum who has paid out thousands of dollars since my daughter became unwell this time a year ago. We have seen so many different GP’s, Specialists and health practitioners. My daughter was a healthy 18 year old about to head off to University… now… well I am sure you all know so I won’t go into listing everything. I am nervous though as it is still a lot to find on my own and then we have quite a bit of travel involved too. So this is why I ask – as I have only had 1 brief call with the practitioner so far before paying our deposit. But there is hope and I am praying that the Lord will heal my daughter through this process. As I say (and I can only speak for myself) I am a mixture of emotions but mainly tired out and hurting a lot to see my daughter in so much pain. May I ask those who are on here placing feedback on this process… did any of you suffer with Fibro &/or Central Sensitization and are you now well? Thank you again for your time.
    6 October 
  • Ann: Hi, Suzanne. I think your thoughts and feelings are very understandable. I did so much doubt and fear myself in similar ways. And besides being bedbound with ME and Fatigue, I was diagnosed with Fibro / CS, and I am happy to tell I am doing well! My experience is that they at some level were connected. My prayers go with you both! Lots of love from Norway.
    8 October 
  • Sph: Buying crap at £5 is expensive if something at £600 works and gives you your life back then surely vgvfm?! 

    The practitioners have to cover their costs and be able to live and average day rates in UK for professional is £400-600 a day now – expensive NO – relative but IMO it’s given me my life back – I was duing FM
    8 October 
  • Margaret: We seem to forget that the people running these LP courses have and do spend a lot of money on training and also need to survive. I know many would give their right arm to help someone but they also have families to feed. The course is real value for money and it works! I wish I had known about it years ago – I had spent thousands on alternative remedies but this really is amazing so forget about money just go for it is really life changing! xxx
    8 October at 18:18 · Like · 2
  • Suzanne: Ann what a blessing to have read this today. Thank you. Right now I am so worried about my daughter. She is in hospital for a second night due to have a CT Scan tomorrow and they want her to see a neurologist. She has the worst headaches now…See More
    9 October 
  • Suzanne: -Phil – YOU are a genius! Actually as a christian I am thanking God for your brain that you have used to BLESS others! – A few weeks ago I wrote on here a question around price of the course. Well, my daughter has now done the course. We couldn’t wait to see Mel Abbott/New Zealand until December as my daughter was getting sicker and once we knew there was a cure – (I) couldn’t watch my daughter in pain a second longer. We jumped on a plane and headed for Brisbane, Queensland – Australia with Ian Cleary. Ian was fantastic. My daughter noticed changes day 1 and had significant relief. Day 2 saw her clearly better and Day 3 she was using the process less and still feeling well. Day 4 we flew home – she felt fantastic. Yesterday was day 5 – she worked around the house all day – made tea – sat up until late – her body is working normally!!! We head to our welfare system this week – she can come off the benefit she was receiving as she was too sick to work or go to University. Our Government SHOULD be listening. I am going to write to them with my daughter! People are sick and should know about this – but then they still have to WANT to get better…! It is quite mind blowing to think there are people out there who are so sick – wouldn’t they do anything to get well? It is a MIRACLE! We are soooo blessed. I am saving now to do it too! For anxiety mainly. But my girl – she had Chronic Fatigue, all symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Central Sensitization along with chronic constipation, chronic irritable bladder, chronic migraines – the list goes on – I kid you not!!! She is WELL!. And I am no gulliable fool. The process works because it makes sense. My prayer is that others will swallow their pride and open their eyes and ears to a new life – a full and happy and free life! (and I haven’t even done the process yet -!) Thank you Phil and thank you Ian! – my daughter is completely WELL! x