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Lightning Process Day 3

Just finished day 3.
The person with MS feels they are making huge changes, their balance, walking speed and fluidity of movement have all improved hugely. On previous weeks they had managed to walk 1000 yards. So far this week they have walked 2000 yards in two days.

The person with ME feels they are now symptom free; and able to eat almond croissants with ease, and delight!

The person with chronic pain has found they can massively increase her periods of absence of pain and can sleep without resorting to using analgesics.
Well done to everyone; the body mind link is such a fascinating and rewarding area to work in and I feel very privileged to working with such amazing and courageous people. They now have to take these new skills back into their lives, which is sometimes a challenge, but our team will be there for them as they start to make the changes even more permanent.

Bon voyage guys, and thanks for the choccies!

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Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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