“Yesterday I finished my three day Lighting Process seminar.

I will write in a few weeks once I have loads of fantastic progress to share but this morning I felt compelled to put pen to paper to say thank you, so very much, Phil
Parker, for saving my life!

My complete recovery from ME is really only an added bonus – the true freedom I’ve gained from learning and practicing the LP is the freedom of my mind.

Today I’m not in negative fantasy about how the day will pass. I know there will be challenges in the day – and indeed throughout my life – but I know I will dû courage, maturity and good judgement throughout them all. I genuinely don’t know how I will spend today. It’s not been planned and obsessed over; it’s an open book and that is an AMAZING thing in itself! An open book! Not planned, controlled and panicked over!

I’m so happy. Thank you Phil, and may I also say how grateful I am that you trained the brilliant Clare Hudman who was the perfect model for freedom, happiness and calm.

Lightning Process CFS ME

What an amazing woman.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.