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Interesting people

Quite an amazing night last night meeting some incredible people at Carol Stone’s Christmas party.

Carole is famous for being a networking guru, and is written the seminal book on networking
I was introduced first to Sir Terence English pioneer of heart transplants who was amazingly self-effacing and modest in spite of his extraordinary achievements.
The next person I had the pleasure of speaking to was Lord Hastings, who has had a brilliant career focusing on diversity and equality, and is currently global head of citizenship and diversity at KPMG.
Along with him was Tunde Okewale, a leading barrister, again with an interest in diversity and equality, but equally interesting-a poet… After speaking to these two, I was introduced to the marvellous Mette Marit, Crown Princess of Norway. I was quite honoured to find she had already heard of me and the lightning process and we discussed the possibility working together in our project supporting the healthcare workers in the Red Cross working with HIV in Africa. Fascinating times
When ever I am at affairs such as these I find that people always tell me about their problems or where they are stuck in the life. This inevitably leads to me finding myself asking one of the core 10 questions (I’m sure you already know about my book and work in this field)
I’m often amazed how a very simple question, even in this, cocktail conversation situation, creates massive change and sudden realisation of what they need to do to move things forward.

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