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This just in, I hope it inspires and uplifts you wherever you are on your journey…

Hi Phil, there is soooooooooooooooo much i could write to you and just for starters – DEEP THANKFULNESS to you for creating, designing and refining the Lightning Process training.   I only did the LP in August with Helen Harding at your head office and my life has changed sooooooooooo much already.  happy

Before, i didn’t have the energy to be on the computer NOW i am doing so much more of life, i don’t have the time to do the computer – hahahahahahaha – pure JOY.

I am just at the beginning of my rehabilitation process from a decade of me/cfs hell  and the knowledge from the training showed me what was going on and with the continued application,  the results in my physical body are amazing and is  BEYOND WORDS.

Belief, trust and confidence in my new physicality are still being built and as good continues to build, so i’m sure they will be strengthened – so your newsletter was perfect timing.

God bless you for using your gifts and talents in a life-enhancing way, i am deeply grateful.

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Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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