In the current economic climate it’s all too easy to feel that you have to work every hour, but this kind of thinking is counter-productive as it decreases your performance and, most importantly, your health and happiness.

So many long-term health problems begin with exhaustion and burnout in one shape or another, so avoid the rat run that leads towards poor health by spotting signs of overworking.

1. Sleep

Going to bed exhausted whilst lying awake thinking about work problems, only to have a fitful sleep and then wake up in exactly the same state as you were in when you went to bed.

2. Being present

Noticing that when you do make time for yourself or the people that are important to you, that you’re just not really there – instead you’re focusing on what you haven’t finished at work or what’s coming up that you need to prepare for.

3. Socialising

Never having enough time to be with the people you care about, not spending enough time with your family, and when you do finding yourself irritated, tired or shouting.


Finding yourself unable to think straight, drifting off when you should be focused, missing important dates, meetings and birthdays.

5. Last to leave

As a result of the combination of not being focused enough work due to stress and a huge workload you find yourself once again the last to leave the office – as you leave you look at your phone and see the texts from those closest that you never found time to answer. You know this is unsustainable, but you don’t know how to break out of the spiral.

Any of this sounds like you then there are some solutions that are easy to put into practice;

Donate two minutes to yourself each day, try out a free resource like my mindfulness podcast, and start to break out of the destructive spiral and into a healthier, happier sustainable future.

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