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2 years after the Lightning Process

This just in from Australia…

Today is exactly one year since I became well ! !
After two years with CFS / ME as a result of a tick bite in South Africa, with an immune system that had ‘ stuck ‘ and continued to attack an enemy that no longer was there , I had gradually become accustomed me to live a life which was full of limitations – a kind of eternal groundhog day of exhaustion and disappointment.

My last resort was to take a course in the Lightening Process by Phil Parker ( see link below) . Without either hope or faith, only a kind of desperate desire to ‘ get my life back ‘ , I took the course with Ingvild Harila Feed- she operates courses in Sandnes, Norway. And three days later I waled around a parking garage and laughed because I was so strange , my legs were so easy ! And I knew I was healthy.

So why do I share all of this now? I ‘ve told this to everyone I know and love … Well, the first anniversary is always well worth celebrating . And what a year this has been!
But  some of you know others who need help , and they should know that there are talented, great people who can help. Both Ingvild and Janne Dorothea Eiane Heggebø have been through the same illness and attended the LP practitioner training courses because of a burning desire to help others.

You have nothing to lose ( except maybe some bias ) , and it worked , even for an old skeptic like me !
Have a great great day out there !

( translated from Norwegian by google translate)Lightning Process CFS ME

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Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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