Core to many of the world’s religions and spiritual thinking is the idea of compassion, but is there a way to develop this without having to live in a monastery for a few lifetimes?

Try these tops tips

1) Learn about the dû.  To dû is to unintentionally and unconsciously decide to respond to something (see  For example, if we look at the statement “They make me stressed”, it’s more precise to explain as: “they do certain things” and then “I Dû stress about it”.  Recognising when we are dûing things that aren’t that productive or don’t move our lives forward opens up a chance to re-choose how we deal with them.  This makes us more empowered, happier and as a result, healthier and more content.  It also moves the situation from being one of conflict to one of peaceful resolution.

2) If someone has done something and you have got yourself annoyed (or more precisely you are dûing annoyed), then pause and ask if they intended to have you become upset.  If not let it go.

3) If you think they did intend to have you become upset, pause and ask, ‘is dûing upset part of my plan for today?’ – decide not to take their kind invitation to derail your day and move on.

4)  If you are not being nice or compassionate to yourself ask, ‘if I treated my friends like I am treating myself, then, would I have any?’ – decide to treat yourself like someone you care about.


Don’t dû struggle or stress, it doesn’t help: do compassion