Phil ran the Masterclass of the NLP Conference at the weekend, teaching new skills to NLP Practitioners.  Here’s some of the amazing feedback he received:

😁 The face of a very happy delegate 😁

The first day of the @nlpconference 2023 has been AMAZING 🌟

Phil @drphilparker was on 🔥 (apart from his exquisite public speaking skills, he even sang some verses of “Don’t stop me now” Queen’s iconic song & left us speechless🤘), his delivery and material were beyond expectations, and it was the perfect kick off for the hybrid NLP International Conference.  I am touched to see in person and hug some of my beloved #NLP international family and waiting forward for tomorrow’s powerful sessions 🙏

Outstanding 🥳🥳

Fabulous masterclass! As always, Dr Phil presents excellent material with love, compassion and humour.

Dr Phil Parker. Probably the best presenter I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a few! Awesome.

Dr Phil Parker at the NLP International Conference. Life changing. Awesome. ❤️

That was one of the best NLP Conference sessions and one of the best Conference Keynotes I have seen.  It was informative, immersive and generative and will be the best-recorded session to watch back because the guidance was so precise and inclusive and the exercises, so complete and contained.  Genius!

You delivered a truly brilliant session, enjoyed by everyone who attended.