Speeding Up Recovery from Operations & Illness


This audio programme is designed to boost your healing, help you to stay positive and support you during your journey back to health.

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This audio download delivers a series of tools for boosting your healing and supporting you to stay positive on your journey back to health based on years of research into helping people do exactly that.  Phil will help you to:

  • Focus on your resilience, success and ability to be extraordinary
  • Feel positive and relaxed about your recovery
  • Boost your health during the recovery period

It also includes a section to listen to assist you to recover as rapidly as possible, so you can get the best from the brilliant healthcare you’ve had from your medical team.


Please note:

Don’t listen to it whilst driving or anywhere where you need to be focused.  This audio programme is designed to be played at a low volume so that you don’t even have to consciously listen to it to gain the benefits of relaxing really deeply.  You can choose to relax just for the duration of the programme or whilst drifting off to sleep.  You will find that the relaxing effects will last for many hours after it has finished playing.

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Running time approx. 50 mins


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