Phil Parker Store: Download Instructions 

It couldn’t be simpler 

  • After purchasing your download, you’ll be sent an email
  • In the email there will be a link to your download(s) 
  • Click on this link to transfer the audio programme to your computer 
  • Within a few minutes you will be able to listen to it 

Things to be aware of:

  • Each link has a limited use so save the files as soon as possible – once saved you can keep them as long as you’d like to! 
  • Some computers download the file(s) for you, so check your ‘downloads’ folder to find it 
  • If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes of placing your order, please check your junk/spam folder as it’s likely to have gone there by mistake! 

The links you are sent will either be labelled ‘Computer’ or ‘iPhone’:

  • Use the ‘Computer’ link if you would like to download the files to your Computer, Laptop, Android Phone or Tablet.
  • Use the ‘iPhone’ link if you would like to download the files directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Want to listen on an iPad or iPhone?

There are two ways to do this 

  • Click on the version labelled ‘iPhone’ 
  • When asked, select ‘Download’ 
  • It may then show you a webpage you have visited in the past- just ignore this
  • Notice the blue circle with an arrow in it on the top right of the screen? This shows it’s downloading
  • It may take a couple of minutes to download- do not reclick or the whole process will restart
  • When the blue line below that circle and arrow is complete – click on the circle and click on the file.
  • It will now open in your ‘Books’ and you can listen to the files from there
  • To make sure that you can listen to the files uninterrupted, you will need to ensure that the auto-lock on your phone is switched off.  (You can find this through going to Settings>Display and Brightness and changing the auto-lock to never).


  • Download the file(s) labelled ‘Computer’ to your computer 
  • Add them to iTunes 
  • Then sync to your iPad or iPhone

The video below is for older IOS software updates prior to 13.1.2 (Dec 2019)

If you have any issues please contact us: seek advice rather than placing a duplicate order.) 

Enjoyed your download…

We hope that you enjoy the download you have chosen, if you do please leave us a short review on the online store to help others to benefit from this as well!