Hypno-Birthing: Preparing for birth


Prepare for your birth and labour with this powerful relaxation audio programme that teaches you how to be relaxed and confident in both your mind and body for your labour.  It also covers how to reduce pain or discomfort by developing natural anaesthesia.

This download is the second in our Pregnancy series.  You can buy all 3 episodes in one complete package here…

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Prepare for your birth using the relaxing powers of hypnosis…
This audio download is the second in our Pregnancy series; this episode teaches you how to prepare for birth through:

  • Dealing with anxiety and worry
  • Becoming relaxed and confident
  • Managing pain in a new way
  • Preparing the body and mind for birth


Please note:

Don’t listen to it whilst driving or anywhere where you need to be focused.  This audio programme is designed to be played at a low volume so that you don’t even have to consciously listen to it to gain the benefits of complete calm and relaxation.  You can choose to deeply relax just for the duration of the programme or whilst drifting off to sleep.

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Running time approx. 45 mins

1 review for Hypno-Birthing: Preparing for birth

  1. Catherine

    I just wanted to pass on some feedback for your hypnobirthing download. It is absolutely brilliant. I found it really helpful during the pregnancy as it helped me to relax and du calm about the birth. However, it really came into effect during the birth!! I put it on while using the gas and air and basically went into a complete trance. I actually created an ‘inception’ like triple layer dream state which protected me from the pain of contractions. I didn’t come out of it until I knew they were ready to give me the epidural!! I don’t know if you are aware of its impact when combined with gas and air (knowing you that is probably all part of it!!) but thought it would be good for you know the power it has!!

    Thank you so much for creating this download as it really did get me through a challenging few hours!!

    All the best


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