LP Support: Creating Change with the LP for Stuckness & Unhelpful Beliefs


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Phil has created this in-depth audio programme especially for those who have taken the LP and want to focus on areas that they haven’t made full change with yet.  It’s like having a personal session with Phil that you can listen to any time.


In this in-depth audio programme, Phil takes you through:

  • Understanding how our experience and expectations can affect our health and derail our success with the LP
  • How to use your LP skills to make your beliefs and expectations work for you
  • The most common ‘fine-tuning’ needed to make even stronger change
  • Guided coaching: taking you through the precise tools of the LP that you learnt in the seminar, to make lasting change
  • A section dedicated to the ‘HOW question’ – How to develop a deep sense of relaxation and comfort throughout your body and get into the right state so you can shift unwanted beliefs about change.  You can replay this section time and time again to deepen your familiarity with those helpful and healing pathways.


Please note:

This programme is not suitable for anyone who hasn’t taken the Lightning Process seminar, as it assumes you have a good knowledge of all the basic tools and training so it really won’t make much sense to non-LP graduates.  Don’t listen to it whilst driving or anywhere where you need to be focused.  Always seek help from your practitioner in addition to using this support package.

Order this package now and you will receive an email with links to your files straight away. You can find help, should you need it, here…

Running time approx. 45 mins


More Support…

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1 review for LP Support: Creating Change with the LP for Stuckness & Unhelpful Beliefs

  1. Eleanor Kirby (verified owner)

    I really recommend these graduate programs for after we finish.

    I had Long Covid and honestly, I was in an awful state at the beginning with fatigue, ringing in my ears, POTS, dizziness. Then I did the LP. I got well! ….although it wasn’t the quick way that I saw some of the youtube testimonies but it happened gradually over weeks and months, the LP worked amazingly for me. Within two months I was back at work teaching and feeling almost normal within 6 months.

    However, my brain was duing struggle from time to time, seeing Covid news, dealing with friends and family who had covid and my brain going back to it’s old ways! Even though I saw it work so well I was so fearful of becoming so ill again.
    I have used this to keep my beliefs in check.

    Overall, I really think the LP is not a quick fix. but as they said on the first day – a tool kit- it’s actually hard work to keep going and learning and practicing. As a scientist I found that I understood how it works but was fearful in my mind/heart for my health. These updates keeps up my skills and reminds me while we are going through these hard covid times. Elie August 2021

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