Get the Life You Love Now

This book combines new thinking, cutting-edge neuroscience, humour and Phil Parker’s upside-down perspective to life’s problems and their solutions to help you become happy and fulfilled. Get it now and see the changes you can make…


This book combines new thinking, cutting-edge neuroscience, humour and Phil Parker’s upside-down perspective to life’s problems and their solutions to help you become happy and fulfilled. Learn how to:

– use the power of language to release ‘stuckness’ and create change
– recognize and interrupt negative thought patterns to change the way your brain works
– develop awareness of exactly what you need to do differently, so that you can become your own coach
– choose a new future – and make sure that it happens!

Based on two decades of research and Phil’s world-changing Lightning Process®, Get the Life You Love, Now takes you step-by-step on an amazing journey of self-discovery unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.



What people say about this book…

Astonishing, swift and simple. ― The Independent

I discovered I was a genius at getting the life I love – everybody should have a chance to learn this. ― Laura Mvula, MOBO award-winning artist

I am deeply inspired by Phil Parker. His work is illuminating and practical. In Get the Life You Love, NOW he reveals what you really need to “du” to experience a life you love. — Robert Holden, author of Loveability and Shift Happens!

The results are extraordinary – seeing is believing. ― Mary King, Olympic horsewoman
Given that 90 per cent of doctor’s visits are the result of stress, stress-reducing techniques like the ones taught in Phil Parker’s book can be not only life-saving but happiness-saving. With power tools aimed at helping you unravel limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that keep you from thriving, this book is just what the doctor ordered. — Lissa Rankin MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

Phil Parker is a miracle worker who really walks his talk. His dedication to the wellness and happiness of others shines through his work, and he is always willing to support the healing and growth of all those he comes across. I have the pleasure of calling Phil my friend and I am mesmerized by the radical shifts his Lightning Process has created for others. This book is filled with love and integrity. ― Kyle Gray, author of Angel Prayers and The Angel Whisperer

To live a happy life requires different attitudes as well as new skills. Phil Parker’s amazing new book provides an enjoyable and practical way to gain both. His great skill as a storyteller and his easy writing style breathe life into the usually turgid NLP genre. ― Robbie Steinhouse, author of Think Like an Entrepreneur, Brilliant Decision Making and How to Coach with NLP

An incredible collection of easy-to-get ideas that bring super-fast results. Phil’s life-healing strategies are based upon truth and his lifetime of experience. There is excellence on each page! ― Derek Mills, international speaker, mentor and author of The 10-Second Philosophy®

Phil’s genius is not just in helping you to connect to your own genius – if you follow his message he makes it inevitable. If you’ve ever wondered if there must be more to life than this, there is… the magic is right there between your ears. But the best news is that the way to access it is right here in your hands. ― Ali Campbell, life coach, hypnotherapist and? author of Just Get On With It!

Phil Parker is an expert on the mind-body connection and how to create happiness and fulfilment. His work has already achieved fantastic results with people around the world – this book gives you the tools to do the same. — David Hamilton, author of Is Your Life Mapped Out? and How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

If you have just found yourself with this book in your hands,? it is usually for a reason. Phil Parker shapes this book so that it becomes easy to make changes and live a life that isn’t held back by the boundaries of the mind… he also is a really nice chap. ― John Whiteman, author of 9 Days to Feel Fantastic? and originator of ‘The Way’

With this book we will be able to reclaim our personal power and inner resourcefulness, taking charge of our lives positively and actively. It gives us a way of retraining our mind so that we manifest a life that we truly want to live. ― Emma Roberts, EFT trainer and author of Step-by- Step Tapping and Even Though I Have Cancer



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Pages: 320
ISBN: 1781801746
Published: 2013
Published by: Hay House

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