Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy – Distance Learning Option

Starting March 2021

Our Master Practitioner in NLP training course builds on the incredible skill and knowledge you have developed during the Diploma course.  It covers more advanced techniques to change issues around beliefs, and gain a deeper understanding of an Ericksonian approach to change and hypnotherapy.

If you wish to become a Lightning Process Practitioner you will need to have taken Module 1 and 2 of this course before taking the LP Practitioner Training (in addition to other criteria).

The distance learning model of this course, like the Diploma course before, requires the individual to ensure they keep up with the taught modules and are able to demonstrate their understanding and development during regular updates with a tutor.

Distance learning students are not required to attend any modules in person for this course however if you are able to it is encouraged and offered at no extra cost.

Course Content:

  • What is hypnosis and how is it different from stage hypnosis?
  • The myths of hypnosis
  • What is a trance and the signs of trance
  • Naturally occurring trance
  • Language that changes everything
  • Staircase induction
  • Simple inductions
  • Eye fixation induction
  • Hypnosis styles and Erickson’s permissive approach
  • Making it flow – Adjunctive suggestions and minimal cues induction
  • Ericksonian patterns – Ambiguity and marking
  • Dealing with resistance and concerns – My friend John pattern
  • Metaphors and healing tales
  • Self Hypnosis techniques
  • Time processing technique for healing the past
  • Anaesthesia and pain relief
  • Habit changer pattern
  • Skills assessment
  • Looking at the power of can’ts, shoulds and what you think is impossible, but isn’t
  • How to identify when limiting beliefs are stopping you or others from achieving success
  • Identifying when your beliefs are fighting each other
  • The hopeless, helpless, worthless trap
  • Dilt’s powerful Reimprinting Technique for changing personal beliefs

A big part of the Masters course is developing your skills even further and as a part of this students receive two module videos of their choice from the Autumn/Winter 2021 Diploma course for them to revisit – this gives students an opportunity to review the content again at deeper level with the learning they already have and see new demonstrations.

Masters students are also paired with first year Diploma students on the distance learning option so that they can support them through the course, and further develop their own coaching skills.

The course is completed by submitting a written modelling project.

Course Fees:

The cost of this course is £1420 +VAT (£1704).

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Remember that you can only take this course once you have taken the Diploma course – if you are at the start of this journey you can find out more about this here…

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