Stress Free Christmas & New Year, New You


We know that this time of year can put a strain on relationships and increase your stress levels so why not make the Christmas season and New Year great with these two amazing audio programmes.

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Stress Free Christmas

Are you tired of having a Christmas that, instead of being full of joy and good cheer, seems to consist of:

  • Being annoyed by family and relatives?
  • The upset of missing loved ones?
  • Guilt?
  • Overeating and drinking?
  • Endless planning and worrying?
  • Stress?

If so, this amazingly powerful audio programme by Phil Parker is for you.

It will take you through the most effective ways to:

  • Deal with others at Christmas in a way that leaves you calm and relaxed
  • Move on from loss and guilt
  • Eat and drink in the way you wish to
  • Stress free, yet effective, planning
  • Have a Happy Christmas!

If that sounds like something you’d like this Christmas for yourself, or as a gift for someone you care about, then this is for you.


New Year, New You

Do you feel that each year starts with the same great intentions but, try as you might, nothing seems to change that much?  If so, then this amazingly powerful audio programme by Dr. Phil Parker is for you.  Designed to help you set and achieve your goals, it takes you step by step through cutting edge techniques that are easy to master and will make this year different.

If you want this New Year to be the start of the new you then this is for you.


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Running time approx. 65 mins


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