LP Support: Getting Great Sleep using the LP


Phil has created this in-depth audio download especially for those who have taken the LP and want more support on how to use the tools for sleep issues.  It’s like having a personal session with Phil that you can listen to any time.


In this in-depth audio programme, Phil takes you through:

  • Understanding the neurophysiology of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or disturbed sleep – and how it’s eminently changeable
  • How to use your LP skills even more powerfully to switch from dûing awake at night to becoming ready to drift into a peaceful sleep
  • The most common causes of not sleeping and how to resolve them
  • Guided coaching: taking you through the precise tools of the LP that you learnt on the seminar, to help with sleep
  • More exploration of the ‘HOW question’ – How to develop a deep sense of relaxation, drowsiness and readiness for sleep so you encourage ‘drifting off’ to sleep.  You can replay this section time and time again to deepen your familiarity with those helpful and healing pathways.


Please note:

This audio programme is not suitable for anyone who hasn’t taken the Lightning Process seminar, as it assumes you have a good knowledge of all of the basic tools and training so it really won’t make much sense to non-LP graduates.  Don’t listen to it whilst driving or anywhere where you need to be focused.  Always seek help from your practitioner in addition to using this support package.

Order this now and you will receive an email with links to your audio programme straight away by email.

Running time approx. 60 mins


More Support…

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