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Book your place on this comprehensive distance learning practitioner course today.  The next course starts in September.  We look forward to welcoming you!


This is the ultimate training programme for people who are really serious about becoming great practitioners and leaders in the fields of NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  It will train you in all the skills you will need to begin effectively working with clients; it is also the first step to training to become a Lightning Process Practitioner.

Our distance learning model is designed for students who are based outside of Europe and therefore unable to attend each module in person.  The course is taught through comprehensive course notes, video recordings of the lecture modules, practice with other students and regular support sessions with an experienced tutor.  The course culminates in a 4 days clinical module which you are required to attend, where you practice and hone the skills that you have learnt with real clients.

Full information about this course can be found here!

We also offer the option to pay for this course in instalments so if this would work better for you, or you have any questions, then please get in touch.

7 reviews for Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy – Distance Learning Option

  1. Amanda Ashley

    When I signed up for Phil Parker’s Diploma course I was expecting a great deal. I hoped to gather what I knew would be amazing tools to help others and, given that I live on the west coast of the U.S., I was immensely relieved to learn that there was a distance learning option that would allow me to acquire these skills without spending days of my life (and a large chunk of the family bank account) on traveling to and fro. The results, though, have completely exceeded my expectations. Doing this course has, quite simply, been a life-changing experience for me. I am consistently amazed at both the positive changes I see in myself and the extraordinary potential of the skills we are learning to transform the lives of other people. Phil is a phenomenally gifted teacher; I have the benefit of a remarkable tutor who guides and teaches via Skype with great skill and commitment; my fellow students are all teachers as well as learners; and the structure of the course is so well thought through that learning seems both easy and fun. In fact, the course is so much fun that I have voluntarily traveled to London several more times than required for the distance learning option, happily stretching the family bank account and subjecting myself to hours on an airplane, because — even though I have wonderful distance learning tools — it is just so exhilarating to experience this course first hand. I could not recommend it more highly!

  2. Sarah Field

    Deciding to do the Clinical NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Diploma via distance learning was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The course content was really thought provoking and I found myself eagerly looking forward to the next module! Phil is an excellent teacher and even though I wasn’t in the actual classroom with my classmates, and my learning was ‘virtual’ it was easy to engage and become part of what I was learning. I actually felt like I knew the other students because I got to see them every month on the DVDs! What I have learnt has been life changing and has enhanced my understanding of how people do what they do, and how change happens. My new learnings have become a part of all that I do now, and I am very glad that I’ve done the training. It was incredibly helpful to have a skype tutor too. My tutor was like a life line! She gave me such valuable insights and helped me to practice the things I was learning. The trips I made to the UK were absolute highlights. I was incredibly challenged and given great opportunities to grow and develop. And it was really fun to meet my classmates “in the flesh”! I would recommend the distance learning option without reservation.

  3. Melissa Brydon

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course which I completed as a distance learner from Australia. I found Phil to be an excellent teacher. He uses plenty of stories, visuals, practical work and repetitiveness and explains the content so clearly and thoroughly. The information in the course is fascinating and life changing. I joined this course to be able to help others and have been delighted in the personal growth that I have also benefited from. I met some incredible people online and had a wonderful tutor guiding me through. The skills I developed from this course have been enormous. I’m putting them in to action and have been amazed by the transformations I am seeing as I coach people and take them through the many therapeutic processes I have learnt. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it, you will not be disappointed.

  4. Nikki Bray

    Being in New Zealand – which is about as far away as you can get from London, I was very thankful that there was an option to do the NLP clinical diploma via distance learning. I felt like I was supported every step of the way by head office and also by my tutor. Every month head office sent out the video links and module notes, and even though I wasn’t able to be present I felt like I got to know my fellow students because I saw them regularly via video. Phil is an absolute master at training. His teaching is simply superb and he is an engaging presenter. He makes it all look so easy, which it isn’t, but that is just evidence that he is a genius at it! The times I had online with my tutor were an absolute highlight – I gleaned so much knowledge from her and was saddened when our times were over. Travelling to London was the icing on the cake. Spending 3/4 days with other students, a practitioner and engaging with ‘real’ clients was both challenging and exhilarating. I grew exponentially. This is a wonderful course which I am thrilled to have taken.

  5. Michelle Willis

    After the Lightning Process changed my life, I decided to study to help others overcome health issues. The first step was to take the Diploma course. Completely new to NLP and Hypnotherapy, I was a little uncertain what I was getting myself into, wondering if it aligned with my Christian faith. My doubts were squashed. Phil is a brilliant teacher, able to make complex ideas and techniques uncomplicated, easy to understand and learn. And it fits in with any culture or faith. The real highlight was when I practiced my learnings as a student and saw incredible change in my clients. The team at head office, my tutor and fellow students were very empathetic, generous and patient. The skills I have learnt have not only grown me but I’ve been able to support many people to also life a live they love. I highly recommend this course.

  6. Suzanne Eisenhut (verified owner)

    I took the Lightening Process in 2016 and it changed my life. So, when I decided to take the Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy, I was delighted to find that there was a distance learning option (since I live in California). Phil is a fantastic teacher, practitioner, and person. He has the highest professional and personal integrity, as well as a great sense of humor, which makes taking his courses even more fun. The skills learned in the Clinical Diploma Course, and in the advanced courses, are life changing. Phil teaches about how to make lasting change by understanding and working with how the brain and nervous system operate, including the brain’s ability (neuroplasticity) to modify, change, and adapt both its structure and function throughout life and in response to experiences. As a distance learner, a tutor is assigned for all courses taken, and the tutors are all experienced, skilled, and personable. Phil and his team are first rate – skilled, efficient, and well organized. I highly recommend all of Phil’s courses – they will positively change your life and the lives of your clients in ways beyond your imagination.

  7. bridieodowd

    I chose to train with the NLP and Coaching Diploma course, as I was looking for more tools to support the particular client group I work with.
    The course has been an engaging and fascinating journey with a comprehensive and thorough grounding in the theory, taught alongside practical demonstrations, experiential practice sessions and supported with helpful Q and A discussions and tutorials.
    There was the option of distance learning, which was very helpful for me as I could not always attend the online sessions due to work commitments. I was able to view the recorded sessions in my own time, and was given tutorial support to back this up. I was able to blend this with attending any of the sessions I could manage and I really appreciated the flexibility.
    I would really recommend this Diploma course, with its focus on mind-body connections and neurological retraining.for anyone looking to develop a wider skill set and a new way of working with clients.

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