Dr Phil Parker, mind-body connection clinician and researcher, discusses key research and practical ideas on how to use the mind-body connection with leading researchers, clinicians and thought leaders.

This series will be invaluable to practitioners, researchers and anyone interested in using the mind-body connection to improve their health.

So tune in to listen as Phil and his guests combine their in-depth knowledge of the subject with to make complex ideas simple to help you navigate through this fascinating area of health.

Guests include:

  • Prof Irving Kirsch- Legendary Researcher in Placebo studies
  • Prof Andrea Evers- Award winning psychoneurobiology researcher
  • Dr David Hamilton- Best selling author
  • Prof Luana Colloca- Groundbreaking research into how placebos trigger physiological change
  • Dr Sarah Lidstone- Leader in Parkinson’s placebo trials
  • Dr Cosima Locher- Pain and non-deceptive placebos specialist
  • Eddie Stern-Author comparing western science with information from ancient Yoga texts

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We hope that you enjoy the series!

Highlights from some of my guests in series 1