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“It was a fantastic experience. Positive and potentially life changing skills.” Oriana

NLP Life Skills Course

Do you want to…

  • Learn to use NLP and coaching to make your life even better?
  • Discover a new way of thinking about life, problems and success?
  • Add to the amazing tools you learnt on the Lightning Process Seminar?
  • Explore this exciting world with Dr. Phil Parker, a master of the field?
  • Bring new skills to enhance your work environment?
  • Take the first step to becoming an exceptional coach and NLP practitioner?
  • Or are you just interested in finding out more about our training courses?

If so then the NLP Life Skills Course is perfect for you!!

This course is taught in two formats – live online over two days with Dr. Phil Parker or through self-study with 10 hours of videos you can watch in your own time, followed by a 2 hour live online interactive session.  During the course, Phil will teach you an amazing array of tools which you can use in your work and home life to improve communication, enhance relationships and help you to achieve your goals!

Both versions of the course are the same price, £294 (including VAT).

Benefits of taking the course live online Benefits of taking the course on demand
Work personally with Phil – a master in this field and an expert in making change easy and fun! Enjoy Phil’s interactive and engaging delivery to learn life-changing skills
Practice the skills you are learning with other students on the course Take the course at the time which suits you best, particularly if you are in different timezones/countries
Take part in live demonstrations by Phil Watch the course in bite-sized chunks
Meet other like-minded people on the course Go back at any time to rewatch the videos
Experience what it’s like to take our in-depth practitioner courses Start the course straight away
Take the course live online
Take the course on demand

“Fascinating course if you’re interested in the link between brain and body – it will change how you think about your life and how you live it. And Phil is an inspirational speaker, but it all makes intellectual sense. And best of all – it’s fun!”

Judy, NLP Life Skills

“I attended the course with an open mind, the two day course content was informative, provided practical skills and theory and practice integrated with a flow. Well delivered course in an atmosphere that was conducive to learning. This course opens up a world of possibility that enlightens, motivates, and energises a fresh approach to living.”

Rita, NLP Life Skills

“This was an amazing experience and I took away so many new skills and learning.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“This course was very empowering and informative. The diversity of application of the techniques is amazing and I am so pleased this course has opened all this up to me!!”

NLP Life Skills Student

“I recently completed the NLP Life Skills Course online which was, amazing ! The modules were delivered by Phil in a professional yet very friendly way. So much so that I often felt like I was in a live seminar, I found myself laughing out loud and smiling as if Phil was interacting personally with me.
The course content is extensive, incredibly informative and fascinating as well as life changing !

I really enjoyed the interactive session at the end of the course with Phil and other course participants. This was an opportunity to consolidate everything I had learnt and to put it into practice.

My heartfelt advice to anyone considering this course is , ‘ Don’t hesitate, do it, you deserve it, we all do ! ‘”

Mechelle, NLP Life Skills Online Student

“A very powerful experience which was highly practical. We got down to trying out techniques straight away. There is so much in these two days I know I will be reflecting on this for many weeks to come.”

Jenny, NLP Life Skills

“It was a fantastic two days. Thanks!!”

Jane, NLP Life Skills

“If you’ve done the Lightning Process, then this takes it one step further. I feel rebooted, re-energised and have my mojo back!”

NLP Life Skills Student

“This course was interesting, engaging and exciting, I thoroughly recommend it. Phil expertly guided us through a fascinating NLP journey of how the mind works and just how much influence we have to achieve the life we love. I am excited to learn more and look forward to participating in the practitioners’ course.”

Bernadine, NLP Life Skills

“It was very interesting. I had read quite a lot about these subjects before I joined the course, however having the opportunity to work with others and practice and witness certain aspects of the learning was a key element for me. Motivating and inspiring. I learned a lot, met some lovely people and I am now hungry to learn more on the subjects of NLP and am now considering taking my learning further.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase in positivity and happiness in their lives, and in the lives of those around them. A thoroughly enjoyable 2 days with wonderful people. I’ve learnt skills to use personally, with my family and in my work as a GP.”

Anna, NLP Life Skills

“This is a great introductory course to NLP. It was interesting and fun to attend and even if I don’t do any more future studying of the subject this course has given me many skills that it will bring benefits to my life.”

Claire, NLP Life Skills

“You’ll love this course.  Learn how to instantly be connected to the best you available for any situation.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“Whatever your reasons for doing the course you will come with more insight than you went.”

Jane, NLP Life Skills

“It was a great experience and an understanding of the LP.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“Phil is a very positive and skilled teacher who presents the material in a fun way.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“Best course I have attended this year. If there is one course you choose to do this year, then this is the course! Phil’s knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery is what kept you engaged. It opens your mind to so many possibilities and you meet the most wonderful like-minded people. I cant wait to learn more!!”

Chenin, NLP Life Skills

“The course is great. I came away inspired to learn more about NLP. I found the session really engaging and particularly enjoyed getting the opportunity to practice the techniques we had been taught with the other attendees as this is a great way to learn.”

Catherine, NLP Life Skills

“Great opportunity to understand and learn of the potential of NLP, hypnotherapy, Lightning Process and much more, as well as meet some really interesting people!”

Clare, NLP Life Skills

“It was great to meet Phil in person. It was a great add-on to the LP I did before. Fun. Great balance between theory and practice, inspiring, empowering.”

Kathrin, NLP Life Skills

“It was a fantastic course. Phil’s sense of humour and delivery of an already fascinating subject, makes it easy to learn such a vast amount in two days. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Sam, NLP Life Skills

“This course feels like the beginning of a voyage of discovery. I enjoyed this course, and was energised and inspired. I found a lot to use in my own life, professionally and personally. Although it was fast-paced, there was time to reflect. There was also a lovely atmosphere of compassion – and a good sense of humour, which I appreciated.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“Have no doubt that you will personally gain from attending this course no matter who you are or what you are searching for.”

Nikki, NLP Life Skills

“Enjoyed basking in Phil’s humour and energy, and his timing in delivering the knowledge and tools.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“Excellent introduction to NLP. Deepened knowledge relating to the Lightning Process and learnt new skills. Amazing to be amongst so many positive people. Phil has a fantastic way of explaining everything so it makes sense.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“A fantastic course, which will enhance your life.”

Cherry, NLP Life Skills

“It’s a great antidote for being stuck in negative reactions and attitudes. It has given me the tools to approach life with positivity, excitement and enthusiasm.”

Stephanie, NLP Life Skills

“Phil is a really brilliant trainer, made it interesting and a lot of fun”

Clare, NLP Life Skills

“I loved it and came away uplifted”

NLP Life Skills Student

“It was a fantastic experience. Friendly and welcoming, easy to understand. Positive and potentially life changing skills. Amazing what can happen when you let down your boundaries in you and think differently. Thank you!”

Oriana, NLP Life Skills

“Thanks. I enjoyed the days and have lots of new and revised tools for my kit.”

Helen, NLP Life Skills

“It was fantastic to see the master of LP at work and to feel some of the power of his ability to create immediate change. Phil is very inspiring and I would love to work with him again.”

NLP Life Skills Student

“I really enjoyed doing the NLP Life skills online course. The modules were informative, interesting and delivered in a clear, professional and fun way! It was great to learn more about the fascinating world of NLP and to how to incorporate these skills in my own life.  By doing the course online, you have the option to rewind/re watch the videos and the flexibility to watch the modules in your own time and at a pace that suits you.  The interactive sessions provided the opportunity to work with Phil himself, meet others who had done the course and consolidate our learning’s, as well as the chance to ask questions and practice the tools and techniques covered in the course.  If you’re considering doing this course, my advice would be, ‘go for it, you won’t regret it!’”

Jane, NLP Life Skills Online Student

“The course was a fantastic use of my time. I feel much more confident in my understanding of the principles of NLP.”

Sally, NLP Life Skills

“What an amazing, inspirational course! I loved every minute of it and have already started putting into practice what I learnt. Phil is so engaging and makes the course really fun. I met some lovely people too. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Belinda, NLP Life Skills

“A life-enhancing course, such a great follow-up to the Lightning Process.”

Meg, NLP Life Skills

“Phil is truly inspirational.”

Richard, NLP Life Skills

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course; it was perfectly pitched & great reinforcement of the magic of LP. Phil was an inspirational & energetic speaker with great anecdotes which brought the theoretical aspects effortlessly to life. Highly recommended for anyone!”

Nicola, NLP Life Skills

“For me, this was an interesting, inspiring and creative weekend. It helped me to use the Lightning Process for myself more effectively and creatively. I learnt about N.L.P. and coaching in a focussed and practical way.”

Pat Mary, NLP Life Skills

“Great value for the cost, this course was a really positive experience. Phil delivered the content in an easy to understand manner, balancing theory and practical exercises with humour and enthusiasm for the topic of NLP.”

Anne, NLP Life Skills