Part 1 of the Lightning Process for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks – plus Relaxation Track


Combining the first steps of the Lightning Process with a separate programme for Relaxation, this is the perfect package if you’d like to find out more about how the Lightning Process can help with Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks.  The Part 1 audio programme will introduce you to the core concepts of the Lightning Process, the science behind it and help prepare you for taking the seminar itself.


Listen as Phil Parker takes you through Part 1 of the Lightning Process (LP) with this life-changing interactive audio programme.  It covers:

  • What the LP is and how it works
  • The science and research behind the Process
  • The importance of neurology in change
  • How to recognise when we are switching on the ‘wrong’ kinds of neurological pathways that keep us stuck
  • The importance of language in health and change, and how to use it to move forwards
  • The power of becoming a compassionate & inspirational coach for yourself
  • Case histories from people with a range of anxiety issues who’ve found the LP life-changing
  • All the preparation you need to take the next step, the seminar

Please note that this only contains the first of the three phases of the LP – you will not be able to ‘do’ the complete Lightning Process simply by listening to this.  It is designed to help to start to make change and prepare you to benefit from the Lightning Process seminar.

In addition to the Part 1 programme, this package includes ‘Relaxation & Destress’ which will teach you deep relaxation processes combined with low-level subliminal suggestions designed to break through the cycle of stress and attain even deeper levels of relaxation and calmness.  This deep relaxation and de-stressing programme is based on years of research into these issues.


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Running time approx. 5 hours


Other options available

We recommend choosing the most suitable option for what you would like to work on.  If ‘Part 1 of the Lightning Process Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks’ isn’t right for you, you can choose from:
Part 1 of the LP for CFS/ME, Post Viral Fatigue & Fatigue – plus Immune Boost Track
Part 1 of the LP for OCD, Depression & all other issues – plus Relaxation Track
Part 1 of the LP for Pain, Tinnitus & Fibromyalgia – plus Pain Reduction Track
Part 1 of the LP for Long Covid – plus Immune Boost Track
Part 1 of the Lightning Process for Auto-Immune and Allergy/Intolerance Issues – plus Immune Boost Track

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