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Book your place on this popular and in-depth two day NLP course today.  Each course is run personally by Phil, live online.  We look forward to seeing you there!


On this popular and in-depth course, you will learn core NLP skills to help further develop and enhance your communication, relationships and confidence, and to realise your goals in both your personal and work life.

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Thursday 22nd-Friday 23rd February 2024

42 reviews for NLP Life Skills Live Online

  1. Catherine

    The Core skills Course is a great introduction to NLP and I came away inspired to learn more. I found the session really engaging and particularly enjoyed getting the opportunity to practice techniques we had been taught with the other attendees as this is a great way to learn.

  2. Louise

    I found the Core Skills a really good follow up to doing the LP as although I was familiar with many of the subjects, it was interesting to learn about some of the elements in more depth.I particularly benefitted from the goal setting part: it was interesting to move away from being problem-focussed to solution focussed, and I found the step by step approach simple but amazingly effective.

  3. Alan

    I really enjoyed the day – it was very informative and interesting, well presented in a relaxed setting-a great introduction

  4. Gail Abbey

    I really enjoyed the day, it was very informative and easy to follow. It has been of great use to me as to how I speak with clients in the fitness and health industry and how I lead my own thoughts.
    I would certainly book another course in the future.

  5. Allison

    July 2014 – The truth and realness of the Core Skills is life-enhancing and transformational. A fun and easy day with rewards that continue to build, as each day passes. There is much i could write but i will end with ‘taste it and see for yourself – the truth will set you free’.

  6. Rebecca

    Some enlightening content! I found the day’s training extremely informative, easy to follow and apply. I have used a number of the techniques since. I’m definitely thinking of booking the next course and would recommend this introductory course. It was great to meet Phil Parker too, he was an extremely inspirational individual.

  7. Tina Gaskin-Edwards

    Really enjoyed the day – it was very informative and great to put some of the skills into practice. Having attending a Lightening Process course, it was great to meet Phil Parker too, who was really inspirational.

  8. Jane

    It was a fantastic two days. Thanks!!

  9. Judy

    Fascinating course if you’re interested in the link between brain and body – it will change how you think about your life and how you live it. And Phil is an inspirational speaker, but it all makes intellectual sense. And best of all – it’s fun!

  10. Marion

    having just completed the Phil Parker NLP Life Skills and coaching course I would highly recommend it whether you have never done anything like it before and would like to find out more, have already some knowledge or are a Lightning Process graduate who just wants to brush up on their skills and add a little more. This was a packed two days, informative and intersting from begining to end. I feel sure we all left with new strategies we could all put into practice straight away to help us move forward in a more positive with our lives or help others do the same. There was a wonderful lifting of energy as the course progressed. Many thanks to Phil Parker for all his hard work ensuring we all got the best from the course.

  11. Nikki

    Have no doubt that you will personally gain from attending this course no matter who you are or what you are searching for.

  12. Stephanie

    It’s a great antidote for being stuck in negative reactions and attitudes. It has given me the tools to approach life with positivity, excitement and enthusiasm.

  13. Belinda

    Great 2 days. Phil’s style of presentation is energetic relaxed and full of humour. He has a great depth of knowledge and was skilled in meeting the needs of a broad range of attendees, ranging from those wishing for purely personal development, to those at practitioner level wanting to develop professional skills. I found the course interesting, well paced, and met some lovely people. Its left me seriously considering doing the practitioner training with Phil, – something I wouldn’t have considered before.

  14. Dunia

    The good opportunity of practicing the strategies that we were tough was very helpful to boost self steam and feel how it’s like to be a NLP practitioner. Also changing our sitting location was providing better opportunity to meet new people. In conclusion I would like to say that phill’s introduction course to NLP is a great starting point to gain information from and get motivated in this magical but real world. Thank you phil

  15. Andrew

    Phil Parker is probably one of the best trainers I have encountered. His easy, relaxed manner of interaction really makes his course really enjoyable and increases your chances of real success in the fascinating arena.

  16. Anonymous

    Incredible day with like minded people.

  17. Anonymous

    Excellent introduction to NLP. Deepened knowledge relating to the lightning process and learnt new skills. Amazing to be amongst so many positive people. Phil has a fantastic way of explaining everything so it makes sense.

  18. Clare

    Great opportunity to understand and learn of the potential of NLP, hypnotherapy, Lightning Process and much more, as well as meet some really interesting people!

  19. Anonymous

    You’ll love this course. learn how to instantly be connected to the best you available for any situation.

  20. Anonymous

    If you’ve done the Lightning Process, then this takes it one step further. I feel rebooted, re-energised and have my mojo back!

  21. Clare

    Amazing 2 days highly recommended.

  22. Jenny C

    A very powerful experience which was highly practical. We got down to trying out techniques straight away. There is so much in these two days I know I will be reflecting on this for many weeks to come.

  23. Anonymous

    It was fantastic to see the master of LP at work and to feel some of the power of his ability to create immediate change. Phil is very inspiring and I would love to work with him again.

  24. Anonymous

    Content of course enhanced by natural comedic abilities of presenter.

  25. Kathrin

    It was great to meet Phil in person. It was a great add-on to the LP I did before. Fun. Great balance between theory and practice, inspiring, empowering.

  26. Belinda

    What an amazing, inspirational course! I loved every minute of it and have already started putting into practice what I learnt. Phil is so engaging and makes the course really fun. I met some lovely people too. I can’t recommend it enough!

  27. Julie

    I felt the benefit personally from the techniques immediately. I shall continue to practice these skills and use the online tools and content to help me with this.

  28. Sam

    It was a fantastic course. Phil’s sense of humour and delivery of an already fascinating subject, makes it easy to learn such a vast amount in two days. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

  29. Rita

    I attended the course with an open mind, the two day course content was informative, provided practical skills and theory and practice integrated with a flow. Well delivered course in an atmosphere that was conducive to learning. This course opens up a world of possibility that enlightens, motivates, and energises a fresh approach to living.

  30. Bernadine

    This course was interesting, engaging and exciting, I thoroughly recommend it. Phil expertly guided us through a fascinating NLP journey of how the mind works and just how much influence we have to achieve the life we love. I am excited to learn more and look forward to participating in the practitioners’ course.

  31. Nicola

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course; it was perfectly pitched and great reinforcement of the magic of LP. Phil was an inspirational and energetic speaker with great anecdotes which brought the theoretical aspects effortlessly to life. Highly recommended for anyone!

  32. Helen

    Thanks. I enjoyed the days and have lots of new and revised tools for my kit.

  33. Anna

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase in positivity and happiness in their lives, and in the lives of those around them. A thoroughly enjoyable 2 days with wonderful people. I’ve learnt skills to use personally, with my family and in my work as a GP.

  34. Anonymous

    It was very interesting. I had read quite a lot about these subjects before I joined the course, however having the opportunity to work with others and practice and witness certain aspects of the learning was a key element for me. Motivating and inspiring. I learned a lot, met some lovely people and I am now hungry to learn more on the subjects of NLP and am now considering taking my learning further.

  35. Pat Mary

    For me, this was an interesting, inspiring and creative weekend. It helped me to use the Lightning Process for myself more effectively and creatively. I learnt about N.L.P. and coaching in a focussed and practical way.

  36. Anne

    Great value for the cost, this course was a really positive experience. Phil delivered the content in an easy to understand manner, balancing theory and practical exercises with humour and enthusiasm for the topic of NLP.

  37. Anonymous

    Enjoyed basking in Phil’s humour and energy, and his timing in delivering the knowledge and tools.

  38. Anonymous

    I loved it and came away uplifted

  39. Chenin

    Best course I have attended this year. If there is one course you choose to do this year, then this is the course! Phil’s knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery is what kept you engaged. It opens your mind to so many possibilities and you meet the most wonderful like-minded people. I cant wait to learn more!!

  40. Anonymous

    Phil is a very positive and skilled teacher who presents the material in a fun way.

  41. Clare

    Phil is a really brilliant trainer, made it interesting and a lot of fun

  42. Sally

    The course was a fantastic use of my time. I feel much more confident in my understanding of the principles of NLP

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