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Book your place on this comprehensive 19 day course today.  The next course starts in September.  We look forward to seeing you there!


This is the ultimate training programme for people who are really serious about becoming great practitioners and leaders in the fields of NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  It will train you in all the skills you will need to begin effectively working with clients; it is also the first step to training to become a Lightning Process Practitioner.

During five interactive lecture modules, you will learn fascinating and life-changing processes which you can use to make transformational change, not just in your clients but also for yourself.  The course culminates in a 4 days clinical module, where you practice and hone the skills that you have learnt with real clients.

Full information about this course can be found here!

We also offer the option to pay for this course in instalments so if this would work better for you, or you have any questions, then please get in touch.

31 reviews for Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy

  1. Heather Thomas

    The training I received at the Phil Parker Training Institute was very thorough, the opportunity to practise with real clients with close supervision, was excellent. The 10 month time frame was ideal, allowing plenty of time to practise and develop skills. The tutors were very skilled and Phil Parker keeps the training fun. I gained a really good grounding in the skills I needed to work in the field, I can totally recommend the training courses at the PPTI.

  2. Ingvild Feed

    The study at the Phil Parker Trainer Institute has been like a journey in a treasurebox. Each module has been really interesting and valuable. I think the combination of the NLP, Life-coaching and Hypnotherapi makes this work strong and flexible. The Lightning Process study on top of this, makes it even more important and life-enhancing. The way Phil has been a teacher makes everything easy and funny, but at the same time serious. This has been really good to me and I am looking forward to work in this field and have got a lot of new friends and colleagues.

  3. Sonja Turner

    When I decided I wanted to be an NLP practitioner, I spent a lot of time looking for the right training course for me. I didn’t really want to do a 7-day intensive course as I didn’t see how that could possibly make me a competent clinical therapist. Then somebody recommended Phil Parker. I went on his website and liked what I saw, especially that I would also be training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. So I phoned the office. It was the best phone call I could have made!
    If you’re looking for a quick and easy route to becoming a Practitioner, then this is not the course for you. If on the other hand, you have integrity and a strong desire to be an excellent practitioner who has undergone rigorous training with extensive clinical experience, then it is an excellent course.
    Phil is a brilliant, inspiring, hilariously entertaining trainer who makes learning fun whilst pushing you to your very limits and challenging you to achieve your full potential. I grew so much as a person during my Diploma training, and subsequently my Lightning Process Practitioner training. As a result, I feel confident that I am an exceptional practitioner.
    The Phil Parker Training Institute is a highly professional company that still manages to maintain a sense of friendliness and familiarity. The staff are so warm and helpful and the PPTI Yahoo Group further enhances the feeling that there is always somebody there to support and help you along your journey- from fellow students to advanced practitioners with many years’ experience and expertise.
    It really is the best decision I ever made!

  4. Pippa Adamson

    I had a fantastic year’s training at the Phil Parker Training Institute. I learned loads about NLP and Hypnotherapy, and felt that Phil had thought hard about how to present things in a way we could easily grasp, and when we didn’t he tried again! I felt completely engaged the whole time, and although there was plenty of work to do, and it all felt very new at first, I never regretted my decision to do the course.

    The extra spin-off was that I learned how to make my life even more enjoyable. I made changes during the year to how I do things. I now
    approach life, and particularly my business, with a greater sense of clarity.

    Thanks to Phil and everyone else who made it such an enjoyable year.

  5. Live and Vibeke

    We have studied for many years and have University degrees, but we have never experienced any personal growth similar to the first year with Phil Parker in London. We strongly recommend this for everyone looking for changes in any ways!

  6. Damien Campbell

    When I began the Diploma in September I could not foresee how life changing this course would be.The content and design ensure that not
    only are you trained in a professional and friendly manner but also in a way that enables students to transform as they progress through the course .

    As well as changework I have learned a lot about cocktails , alien technology and the 2 nd law of thermodynamics .

    In my experience this is without doubt the most amazing course I have ever trained on.

  7. Rosie Harford

    The Diploma really helped me deepen my understanding of NLP and just how powerful some of the tools can be for achieving positive change – not only for my future clients but for myself!

    It was a real pleasure to be taught by Phil, who is not only a master of the techniques he teaches, but always makes learning challenging as well as fun.

    I loved Phil’s presentation style – balancing the challenge of learning the material with humour and fun.

    The Diploma taught me so much more than I’d realised possible. It was a great introduction to the material and really well-taught.

    The format of teaching over ten months really was an advantage, since it allowed us to go away and practice with other students as well as to deepen our understanding by reading in between the teaching weekends.

    I really enjoyed the fact that students from previous years as well as senior level tutors were on hand to offer help and advice through the Diploma.

    Thanks Phil for an amazing introduction to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Even if I never practice as a Therapist (which I probably will), I know I will always use the tools – especially in Coaching myself – for the rest of my life.

  8. Kari Kausland

    This Course has been perfect so far. The lectures and the clinics help us to do the best we can.

  9. Paula Kirby

    If you spoke to me in person about this course you would see my eyes light up and hear the excitement in my voice – it is that good.
    Phil delivers it in such an entertaining and interesting way which keeps you focused and makes it easy to learn.
    The course is very practical based which is great. Before the course, being from a non clinical background I wasn’t sure about how I would be with clients. However by lunch time day one of the course, I knew I would be fine, as everything we learn we get to practice on each other, and the sessions seeing real clients with a tutor give us another great opportunity to learn in a really supportive environment.
    I am now regularly seeing practice clients outside of the course and I am amazed at how much I have helped them already. Another really good aspect of the course is that you get plenty of opportunities to sort out your own issues so it is great for self development too.
    I would certainly recommend it!

  10. Eamonn Driscoll

    Very well run and high professional standards. The theory is delivered with panache and each module builds on the last with well though through progression. Modules are tested in small groups with real clients under expert tutorage. Demanding and rewarding.

  11. Susan Payton

    The diploma course was everything I hoped it would be and more. The course was well thought out, brilliantly taught and aimed at producing practitioners of a high standard. Since qualifying I have had some fantastic results with clients and I get tremendous joy from helping others to change their lives.

    The journey I have been on for the last 2 years (since doing the LP in April 2009) has been phenomenal and now I live the life I love every day !

    Incidentally, when I rang the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP to enquire about membership, the lady at the other end of the phone got very excited when I said I had been trained by Phil Parker and exclaimed “Oh fantastic, we LOVE having practitioners who have been trained by Phil Parker. How lucky you are!”.

  12. Siv Bjørge Søremshaugen

    – I attended the PPTI Diploma Course 2009/10. I really liked the course structure, with a good mixture of classroom lectures, practicing in smaller groups, and the work between the Modules. Phil’s way of teaching is intelligent, light and with lot of humor. He is skilful and a talented communicator. The whole package gave me a lot of useful learning both personal and professional, and a set of effective and lovely tools which really add lots of value to my work as a Professional Coach. I also got a lot of new good friends and colleges.
    Siv Bjørge Søremshaugen, ACC/ACPC Coach/Healthcoach at TINE, Norway

  13. Victoria Cartwright

    I began the course for personal development, after using the LP to recover from ME. The course has far exceeded my expectations, both personally and professionally, and I have made changes I never thought possible. As a result of the high standard of teaching and the focus on clinical practice, I now plan to carry on working with clients and have a multitude of skills to apply in all areas of my life. The course has been completely transformational for me and I would recommend it to anyone interested in changing any aspect of their life.

  14. Helen Baker

    I really enjoyed the Diploma course, not only did I learn a new approach to language and a whole new set of skills,It proved to be a voyage of discovery for myself as well. I just wish I’d had these skills when I worked as a nurse in rehabilitation.

  15. Niamh Connolly

    The Diploma course teachings offer an amazing insight into how we humans operate and the techniques I have learned from this course has already changed my perspective on life and how I manage myself, for the better. I have also had the privilege of helping others to likewise, to make important positive life change with the skills that I have developed from my participation on the course. The delivery of the course is fun and engaging and the lecturers, coaches and the Phil Parker team all offer great support to students in completing their study. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it

  16. Sue Frampton

    After doing this course I got the bug completely and went on to do the Masters and Advanced elements and I’m in the throws of training to be a Lightning Process practitioner now! I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single minute of the courses, Phil has an excellent way of teaching and made it both fun and captivating but importantly the content is very comprehensive. The course is all recorded on DVD which means you can watch the whole course as many times as you wish.

  17. Alan Priestley

    Excellent! Just being on the course was a great, life changing experience in itself!
    Phil delivers excellent training – really well explained, brilliantly demonstrated and then loads of practice time for the students. And what a great bunch of students! It was a pleasure being with them.
    As part of the Master’s qualification I am attending the course again to help with the tutoring – can’t wait to be there!

  18. Rebecca Ryder

    Thank you so much for such an incredible, enlightening experience. What an incredible learning opportunity, extremely professional and formal, I gained so much in practice as well as the theory. This has been probably the best learning I have ever experienced…

    I am delighted I chose this course; the rigour of the assessment has been and is exemplary. As an external marker for Winchester University it’s heart-warming to see the standard of assessment is up there with many of the universities.

    Rebecca Ryder

  19. David Ashley

    Fantastic ! I thought I knew a bit about NLP until I did this wonderful indepth course. Simply an amazing journey of learning and self discovery.I can’t emphasise enough how easy Phil makes it and how well the group gained so much rapport together. I thoughly reccommend doing the Clinical Trials as well they really help you sharpen the fantastic skills you have already learned to make you a true professional in your field.

  20. Lucy Anne Chard

    I joined the Diploma course in 2016 after ‘thinking about it’ for three years…and I’m so glad I did it! This course has challenged me, nurtured me, inspired me, shifted the way I think and feel about myself (for the better!) and given me the tools, skills and knowledge I was seeking to start my own practice helping people to see their world differently and move forward with confidence.

    It’s an absolute pleasure to study with Phil; the quality of the content, training and supervision is truly world-class. I would highly recommend the Diploma journey to anyone who is thinking about a powerfully transformative experience.

  21. Jason McTiernan

    Phil’s training is of impeccably high standards and quality, I am so glad that I trained with Phil.
    You will learn so many vital and transformational skillsets in this diploma course that you will be able to help as many people as you wish to, having the fortunate position to have an array of NLP tools you can use to help them create positive lasting change in their lives. The clinical assessment as part of this training means the standard of training you receive as a practitioner is very high and to be commended, well done to Phil and all of the team for delivering this training and spreading NLP & Hypnotherapy to as many as possible.

    On this journey you will grow personally and collectively as a group, with Phil’s expertise guiding you all the way to qualifying, wonderful! 10/10.

  22. Sally Page

    Fantastic course and great to get the opportunity to be taught personally by such an experienced practitioner. The clinical module, in which you spend 4 days working with real clients, was fantastic and really helped to cement the knowledge we gained from the training modules. I’d highly recommend this course for a really solid grounding in NLP principles and processes.

    We had to do the diploma via Zoom due to Covid but it worked brilliantly this way and, as a single mum, it was actually a lot easier for me than travelling in to London! And despite being on Zoom, we have formed a close group within the students and continue to practise together and offer support and friendship to each other.

  23. Karin Tarland

    I highly recommend the Diploma course!
    I made it online and it has been great! It has been good, because I do not have to travel (I live in Sweden) it has been good to be able to go back, and see the material several times.
    The education gives you a deep and broad knowledge.
    I am so happy that I took the step to take the course the best I have done !!!
    / Karin Tarland, Sweden

  24. Gabrielle Tamman

    I have followed the course online due to Covid, which turned out to work amazingly. Studying for the diploma has literally changed my life! I would highly recommend it!
    Thanks to all the knowledge and experience I have learned from the brilliant Phil Parker, today I am happy be able to help and guide many other people.
    Gabrielle Tamman

  25. Kio Tomiyama

    I highly recommend NLP and a coaching course by Phil Parker Institute. His diploma course (and Master course ) has been such a high standard and you gain a great knowledge to be a practioner. Thoughout this course, you are directly taught by Dr Phil Parker who has so much knowledge and experience in the field of NLP and Coaching and you can ask all sort of questions and get all answers. And all other tutors who work in Phil’s team are also extremely knowledgeable and have a vast amount of experience. 4 days intensive clinical training was excellent where you could gain experience with real clients under supervision. During this time, we got amazing feedback about what to work on, and encouragement all the way through. I felt very safe and gained confidence to the point that I felt I was ready to do a diploma exam and become a professional practitioner. I am so grateful to have come across Phil’s course.

  26. Anna Chellamuthu

    I absolutely loved the diploma course! Phil Parker is an excellent teacher, engaging, fun and clearly has a genuine passion for passing on his skills to others – not just to pass on knowledge, but so that people’s lives can be transformed to increased health and happiness. The opportunity to put the skills learnt into practice in small groups was really valuable, with ongoing helpful feedback and encouraging support.

  27. Frode Sand

    After recovering from ME by using the Lightning Process in 2017 I got curious about what was behind it all. I wanted know more about the field of NLP combined with coaching and hypnotherapy. When I completed the Life Skills course in 2019 I started to understand how I have recovered from ME. I continued with the Diploma course and the Masters course. The way Phil is teaching are on a very high level. He has an overview and deep understanding how to get the best out of his students. I can highly recommend his courses and you will learn a lot about yourself. Just do it.
    When I look back now Im very happy that I got ME otherwise I would not have the knowledge that I have now. Im mindful and at peace with my self, I got the life that I love!

  28. Delia

    Attending Phil Parker’s Diploma course in NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy was refreshing, inspiring, uniquely eye-opening, exciting, deeply informative and also great fun! It enabled me to further deepen the skills I already had as a practitioner and to invaluably expand my repertoire of ‘tools and processes’… to gain new understandings and knowledge about the connections between mind and body….and learn more about the immense healing power of the mind when skillfully channelled. Whether wishing to practice as a practitioner or not, this Diploma course is a brilliant tool for life – one that I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone!

  29. Martin Strong (verified owner)

    I have spent a career in conventional medicine and realise that there is so much help we doctors do not have to offer our patients.
    I came across NLP some years ago and have trained three times already, each course adding something to the consultation (and getting me better ratings with patients). Phil Parker’s NLP Diploma course has developed these skills multiply in awesome ways. By far the best course I have been on and so great in the healthcare environment.
    And it’s huge fun!

  30. Verena

    I genuinely believe that this is the best NLP course there is. Phil is an amazing teacher and the whole experience was life changing.
    The combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching was brilliantly organised and each subject was taught in the exact right amount.
    I am so happy and grateful to have attended this course and for the new connections and friendships I made throughout.
    I will be taking many new skills with me for the rest of my life and can’t wait to build these into my coaching business.

  31. Rosalyn Edmonds (verified owner)

    This course has been all round fantastic. The structure of the course works extremely well with live interactive training each month, and then time to independently learn and practice between modules. The clinical module was especially useful, it gave us the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques, and have feedback from an experienced practitioner to be able to learn even more and improve. I really liked the online setup and think this worked very well not having to travel. It was lovely to be part of a supportive group doing the training together and I’ve made some great friends. Phil brings such a wealth of experience, energy, and fun to the training, you really are learning directly from one of the best in the field. I’d highly recommend it.

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