Boost Your Immune System


In this audio programme, Phil teaches you how to positively influence your immune system to enhance your health and wellbeing.

This download is also available as part of a package with Part 1 of the Lightning Process.  It’s also available as part of the Health & Happiness Collection.

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This audio programme is based on elements of Phil’s Lightning Process® seminars and can help you to learn how to positively influence your immune system.  You’ll hear Phil talking you through some of the latest research and training you in some techniques that can help you boost your immune function.


Please note:

Don’t listen to it whilst driving or anywhere where you need to be focused.  This audio programme is designed to be played at a low volume so that you don’t even have to consciously listen to it to gain the benefits of boosting your immune system whilst relaxing deeply.  You can choose to relax just for the duration of the programme or whilst drifting off to sleep.

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Running time approx. 50 mins

1 review for Boost Your Immune System

  1. Else Strom Vistisen

    Whenever I feel my immune system/energy level is a bit low I will take time off to listen to the Boost Your Immune System CD, to maintain and increase my health in a positive way. I am so inspired and motivated that I recommend this professional and highly successful program to anyone in need for boosting their physical and mental mindset. Else Strom Vistisen, Singapore

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