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Why many people take our Diploma course who previously have taken a course in NLP and Coaching

“Fantastic! I thought I knew a bit about NLP until I did this wonderful in-depth course. Simply an amazing journey of learning and self-discovery.  I can’t emphasise enough how easy Phil makes it and how well the group gained so much rapport together. I thoroughly recommend doing the Clinical Trials as well they really help you sharpen the fantastic skills you have already learned to make you a true professional in your field.” David

Our Diploma is:

  • In-depth – run over 6 months, our Diploma covers far more content than many courses out there and is taught by Phil in an easy, simple way where you won’t realise quite how much you are taking on board until you reflect on just how far you’ve come.

  • Clinical – this course is designed so that on qualifying you can work with a wide range of complex health and wellbeing issues.  During the course you will practice the skills you are learning with real clients, developing this expertise before seeing your own clients.

  • Transformational – the course gives you ample opportunities to use the powerful skills you are learning on yourself, allowing you to work on many of the things that can hold qualified practitioners back, such as belief in success, confidence, putting yourself out there, valuing your skills and time etc

We have studied for many years and have University degrees, but we have never experienced any personal growth similar to the first year with Phil Parker.” L&V

Dr. Phil Parker has been teaching this course for over 20 years.  Winner of the ANLP Inspiration Award in 2021 and the NLP in Healthcare Award in 2022, he has a focus on health, happiness and wellbeing.  The course is taught so that you have a thorough understanding of how to use all the processes to help clients make deep, powerful, long-lasting change to their live and health.

At the modules, Phil will teach through live demonstrations meaning that you can watch what you are learning in practice, not just in theory.  You will also have the chance to practice what you are learning during the modules under supervision receiving feedback, allowing you to develop and enhance what you are learning straight away.   There is lots of opportunity for discussion and to ask questions so that you can gain from Phil’s immense experience of clinical work.

I have spent a career in conventional medicine and realise that there is so much help we doctors do not have to offer our patients.  I came across NLP some years ago and have trained three times already, each course adding something to the consultation (and getting me better ratings with patients). Phil Parker’s NLP Diploma course has developed these skills multiply in awesome ways.  By far the best course I have been on and so great in the healthcare environment.  And it’s huge fun!” Martin

If you’ve previously taken a practitioner course in NLP and would like to find out how taking a Phil Parker course will develop your skills even further and enhance your practice, here’s some ways to find out more…

  • Join our mailing list and be the first to know about new training opportunities: https://www.philparker.org/phils-newsletter

  • Contact us about the Diploma course and we can talk to you more about what you will gain.  We also offer a discount to a limited number of practitioners each year who have prior training in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  To find out if you would qualify for this please email a summary of your previous qualifications to info@philparker.org

“The whole package gave me a lot of useful learning both personal and professional, and a set of effective and lovely tools which really add lots of value to my work as a Professional Coach.” Siv

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