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Phil & his work in the Media

Phil’s work often makes such a positive impact on people’s lives that it’s featured in the world’s media.  You can find out more and read recent and prominent articles by clicking on this link…

Recent Articles

You can find out more about TV and Radio feaures and how to contact Phil below…

Phil and his work on TV

The Lorraine Show followed a client of Phil’s, Ginetta, through her Lightning Process journey. (You can find out more here as well)

Watch Phil talking about anxiety and addiction in this interview by Lilou Mace for her channel Juicy Living.

Martine McCutcheon talked about her experiences of ME and the Lightning Process in an interview on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Phil also appeared on Dunedin TV (Channel 39) in September 2017 talking about the Lightning Process in New Zealand, and on Body and Balance TV with Lowri Turner in October 2011 to discuss weight issues.

More Videos

Austin Healey, International Rugby player, talks about how his wife used the Lightning Process to get well.  (You can read more about this here)

Chris Marques, Choreographer on Strictly Come Dancing, talks to Phil about his experiences with the Lightning Process.  (You can read more about this here)

You can watch more videos about clients talking about the Lightning Process (LP), doctors and celebrities’ opinions, interviews with Phil and explanations of core concepts behind the LP on Phil’s YouTube Channel.

Phil’s YouTube Channel

Phil and his work on the Radio

The Lightning Process was briefly mentioned on Jeremy Vine’s show on BBC Radio 2 in August 2023 during a discussion about CFS/ME.  Listen here… (the section starts at 1.09)

The SMILE RCT undertaken by the University of Bristol and the NHS was discussed on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on 21st and 22nd September 2017 and BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours Programme discussed CFS/ME generally, including the SMILE research, on 26th September 2017 – you can listen to ‘You and Yours’ here

In September 2017, Phil went to New Zealand and as part of this trip did a number of radio interviews:

BBC Radio Norfolk interviewed Mary who went from lying in bed in a vegetative state having been given 3 months to live to becoming a cage fighter!  In February 2012, Phil was featured on The Bernie Keith Show, BBC Radio Northampton, The Hannah Murray Show and Talk Radio Europe.

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