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The research is clear:
The Mind and the Body ARE connected

Phil Parker – Mind-Body Connection Expert

The mind and body are deeply connected.  This has been known for centuries.

The ancient Greeks assumed that the mind must be located in the stomach as digestion was so affected by emotions.  Some considered it to be the stuff of folklore and only for the gullible.  However, more recently, modern science has built an extensive evidence-base detailing the surprisingly powerful effects of placebos on heart disease, Parkinson’s, surgery outcomes and thousands of other conditions, and the effect of the words used in medical consultations on pain, symptoms and recovery times (click here for research papers from the evidence base).

These findings demonstrate the power of the body to shift physiological processes.  Not just thinking you are feeling better but actually being able to switch on the immune and hormonal systems, to change neurotransmitter production and so on, just through the use of the mind and brain.  This demonstrates our extraordinary ability to trigger the healing systems we all have within us.

But little has been done to harness this extraordinary ability and for many years it has remained an untapped human resource.  Until now…

As science documents what clinicians have known from experience, a new wave of researched-based approaches, spearheaded by the Lightning Process, are opening up new possibilities for everyone to find a way to access this inner medicine chest.  Other uses of the knowledge have developed into programmes, such as P4, which focuses on enhancing performance in athletics and top business performers, and TRP which helps people finally to break the cycle of addiction and substance use.

My research over the last 30 years has focused on this question: seeing as we all have this ability with us, how can we ALL learn to switch it on when needed?

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Lightning Process (LP) – revolutionising chronic health

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P4 – peak performance in business & sport

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