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What is the best NLP course? – Dr Phil Parker

Many people are interested in training to become an NLP practitioner or a coach and in learning some of these skills for their own personal development.  But before they can go very far on that journey there are some key questions that need answering. The commonest of these are:

Over the next few months I will be writing a series of articles to explore the answers to these important questions.  As they become available you can find them by clicking the links above or by browsing my blog where you will find other interesting articles as well.  I hope you enjoy the series and find it helpful in your exploration of what NLP is and how to train in NLP.

I’d also recommend watching this video which introduces some of the key skills of NLP – some of the things that we should have learnt at school but didn’t!  It’s the first unit of our Online NLP Life Skills Course.  We’ve made this unit available for free, to give you a sense of our teaching style, course content and provide some powerful NLP skills you can put into practice.

There are some links below about ways to find out more if you are interested in continuing on this fascinating journey…

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NLP Life Skills
NLP Practitioner Training

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