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Training in Healthcare

We have a wide range of courses for clinicians: so if you’re a doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse, osteopath or chiropractor, we can provide you with the very best professional NLP training.

Why train with us?

Having worked as a clinician, as an osteopath, NLP coach and psychotherapist, Phil Parker is the ideal trainer for anyone working in healthcare who wishes to learn effective NLP to add to their existing skillset.

Phil is knowledgeable, experienced and considered an authority in the field; he conveys the essentials of NLP that you need, whilst ensuring his trainings are engaging, enjoyable and valuable.

Phil’s work with the Lightning Process has brought him into contact with thousands of patients with chronic illness in search of solutions, as well as many healthcare professionals.

Adding to your skillset

If you are an individual looking to make change in your workplace then we would highly recommend our two day NLP Life Skills courses.  These are run regularly by Phil Parker personally.  This course teaches you how to improve rapport and communication, how to use language in a different way and new skills which will benefit your home and work life.  You can request a certificate of attendance as evidence of your CPD.

NLP Life Skills

We also offer a range of Coaching and NLP Practitioner Courses, we offer both attendance and distance learning options for those from across the world.  These courses focus on teaching you interventions which you can use with patients to help them make swift and effective change.

Practitioner Training

We also offer a group training called ‘Language as Medicine’ which Phil can deliver to your team…

Language as Medicine

A practical course for healthcare professionals in using everyday communication to assist the client’s health state.

You will learn how to:

  • Explore the linkage between language and altered neurophysiological functioning
  • Use language as a therapeutic tool
  • Find new approaches to chronic health issues
  • Use the medical consult as a retraining experience for the patient
  • Ensure that every communication between you and your patient assists and promotes better health and function
  • Use the SPELL model as a structure for salutogenic healthcare
  • ‘Low tech’ patient-centred approach and is easily adopted
  • Takes no additional time or cost to use
  • Enhances the therapeutic intervention and relationship

Course dates are set by demand and can be organised at your clinic if your team would like to train together.  This full-day seminar is £250 per person.  Participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance for their CPD portfolio.

Contact us

If you would like to book Phil’s ‘Language as Medicine ‘ workshop, or you would like to discuss your team’s needs and how we can help design a tailored programme just for you, please contact us.
Phone: 0333 090 5190
Email: office@philparker.org

Healthcare Speaker

Phil regular offers bespoke talks and workshops to team and organisations, you can find out more about his work by clicking the link below.

Healthcare Speaker


“The Language as Medicine course was brilliant, just brilliant!”

Dr Raj Munglani, Consultant in Pain Medicine

“Creating a positive environment for health, recovery and performance is an important priority for the British Athletics medical team. We have been delighted to discuss and develop our skills in this area with the expertise of Phil and his team and look forward to further workshops in the future.”

British Athletics Medical Team

“It is a very practical way of learning how to change/improve practice to positively impact patients for long term success.”

Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Really useful framework for discussions and interactions with patients.” 

Louise Jeynes, Consultant in Pain Medicine

“Enlightening material which I will endeavour to use in my daily practice.  I will continue to develop the language skills you have demonstrated.”

Clinical Nurse Specialist for pain service

“Of course I decided to change my use of words, following the fantastic training day with you…Things became ‘exciting’, situations were ‘interesting’ and whenever I was sure that I could help I told the patient so, with great reassurance and joy in my voice. I did not ‘exaggerate’, I just expressed that I knew that I could help and that I wanted to help, and I strictly avoided one of my usual welcoming phrases ‘so, what’s the problem?’ and used ‘what can I do for you?’ or ‘how can I help you?’ instead. I ended my consultations with ‘I know you will feel better’ and ‘I am looking forward to seeing you again next time, and I know you will have improved’ – and I MEANT IT!!! Thank you for helping me on my way! Hurray to becoming the best me I can be!!! I cannot wait to learn more.

Dr Rachel Hahn, GP

“This will undoubtedly change the way I liaise with patients and will benefit patients immensely. The course was so very relevant to my day to day practice.” 

Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Words count. I will use things I have learned not only with my patients but also in my private life.” 


“It has given me the confidence to reformat my sessions with patients and has identified the negative ways I have approached patients in the past.”

Clinical Nurse Specialist

“It will lead to changes in our conversations with patients.  We will also need to review and change pain scales to a different scale – a whole new approach!!”

Clinical Nurse Specialist