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The Lightning Process- what is it?

The Lightning Process is a training programme that has been developed by Dr Phil Parker from 30 years of research into the science behind the mind-body connection. Backed by a growing body of research evidence it provides a route to rapid, effective and lasting change in your life and health.

Lightning Process explained

How does the Lightning Process work?

The Lightning Process is quite different from most other approaches to health and wellbeing. It started as a research project into finding solutions to problems that just didn’t respond to the usual tried and tested approaches such as medication, CBT, therapy, nutrition etc. That study resulted in the development of a training programme designed by Dr Phil Parker to help people use their brains differently to alter their physiology. It’s been known for decades that the brain affects how your body works- most hormones, for example, are released in response to signals from specific areas of the brain. The Lightning Process teaches people to find ways to consciously influence this inbuilt influence the brain has over the way the body’s systems work. Watch this short video to find out more.

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Lightning Process

Lightning Process with Phil & his Team

If you want to learn the Lightning Process (LP)  to use your brain and body in new ways to benefit your health, and all areas of your wellbeing, then contact Phil’s team. They have over 45 years of experience helping people to make change and achieve success with these skills.

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Addictions and the Lightning Process

Rediscovery Process with Phil’s team

Following the success of the Lightning Process, Phil designed the Rediscovery Process (TRP) which works with drug and alcohol addictions in a new way to help you to move forward and make profound changes to your life.

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“I highly recommend working with Phil Parker!  He is an incredible practitioner with the ability to guide clients through the most complex issues in order to find seemingly simple and lasting solutions.  Unlike other conventional therapies, Phil’s skills produce swift, appropriate and highly effective results. 

He is the leader of this field by a distance.  Thanks to Phil, I am healthy, happy, living a life I love with a family I thought I might not get to have.  I owe him my life and will be forever grateful for his life-changing work!  Collaborating with Phil is a game-changer – if you were to do one amazing thing this year, make it be to work with Phil!”

Avril, Lightning Process Client

“I took the Lightning Process – it was amazing.”

Martine McCutcheon, Singer, Television Personality and Actress

“Phil is a genuine, down to earth individual with a true passion for helping others.  The techniques, processes and courses have made true life changes for me and many others.  No matter personal or sensitive an issue maybe be, Phil will be open minded and ready to design a game plan for success.”

Mitch, Entrepreneur

“Learning the Lightning Process is one of the smartest decisions I have made in my life!”

Torhild, Lightning Process Client

“I learned the Lightning Process years ago, and it has completely changed my life, I have completely change my life with it!

I recently arranged a 2 hour meeting working with Phil to work personally on our shared roles for our work lives as we run our own business.   Phil was absolutely amazing, he met with us both and pinpointed exactly, with me and for us both, the transformative change that could be implemented that would enable us to take a leap into our next great very happy industrious journey forward.   Things are really flourishing as a result, and most importantly this is a life I love.  Thank you Phil.  And also thank you Lydia for your organisation of events.   Kindest regards Amanda”

Amanda, Lightning Process Client

“Helen is an excellent coach.  She manages to combine compassion and encouragement with firmness that means that if she is your coach you will get the best out of the Lightning Process.  Helen was instrumental both in my recovery from CFS and a successful career change.”

Stephen, Lightning Process Client

“Phil Parker has a way with words, and can teach you how to take command of your emotions, feelings, and hangups. Very cool!”

Prof Dan Moerman, Expert on Placebos in Medicine

“Phil is a kind, encouraging man with great wisdom and insight.  I always leave a session with him feeling like I’m walking on air and could take on the world.”

Caroline, Lightning Process Client

“Phil has an amazing toolbox of skills to help you get the best out of yourself, whatever your challenge.”

Ed Stafford, Amazon Explorer

“From the first moment I spoke to Helen on the phone, I felt at ease and reassured. She was wonderful throughout the Lightning Process; she was thorough, kind and supportive and this continues six months on over the phone/email! She genuinely cares about my journey and no question is too small. I would highly recommend her to guide you through the Lightning Process.”

Catherine, Lightning Process Client

“Phil has an amazing gift at seeing right to the heart of the problem. He recognised immediately where I was stuck and the changes I needed to make & he was bang on. I was blown away with his insight and I didn’t have to spend hours explaining my life & my story to him.  I have never had a 1 to 1 with Phil where I haven’t come away with a new insight and a positive shift. Phil is easy to talk to, fun to work with and a just a little bit magic. I’d highly, highly recommend working with him. It would be impossible not to get something  amazing out of it. ”

Ella, Lightning Proces Client

“The Lightning Process is the most empowering experience I’ve ever had.  It saved my life.”

Patrick Strudwick, Journalist

“Phil Parker is a master practitioner.  After 10 years of living with a hand tremor, it completely disappeared after less than one hour of working with Phil.  It is nothing short of a miracle.  Phil gives clients back not only their health, but their hope.  What a powerful gift indeed.”

Lightning Process Client, San Diego, USA

“Working with Phil 1:1 helped me in two areas of my life.

Firstly, he helped me excel at my track running for my competitions in the World and European Masters Championships by using a variety of mind techniques.  It worked, I brought home the bling! 

Secondly, he helped me overcome a life-long fear of my head being in a MRI scanner.  It was causing problems because I needed to have a scan but was unable to go through with it.  The phobia was stubborn and deep-rooted  but Phil persisted and found the technique that worked for me.  He even came with me to the hospital and stayed with me for the whole appointment which was incredibly reassuring.  I successfully went through with the scan and have had several more since then with no problems.  The phobia has gone forever thanks to Phil’s expert guidance.”

Bernadine, Athlete

Meet the Team

Phil Parker
Phil Parker

Phil has over 35 years working as a therapist and trainer and has helped thousands of clients to make real and sustained change using these tools.  People from all over the world and all walks of life, including actors, sports professionals, explorers, heads of business and celebrities travel to his London clinic to work with him.

Jude Hogarth
Jude Hogarth

Jude is an experienced TRP Practitioner, LP Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  With her background as a solicitor and specialist in mediation and conflict resolution, she is an asset to our team.  She regularly runs TRP and LP seminars and offers 1:1 NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy appointments at our London clinic.

Kate Gare
Kate Gare

Kate has been a Lightning Process (LP) Practitioner since 2007 and seen over 500 clients in that time.  Kate previously worked for a number of well-known charities; she now regularly offers LP seminars and refresher sessions at our London Clinic.