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NLP: Our Standards, Quality & Accreditation

We believe that it is essential for clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their practitioner is highly skilled and has mastered the tools to work with them with care, integrity and professionalism.  To this end, students on our Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy have:

  • Undertaken 133 hours of face to face training
  • Supported their learning with a minimum of 280 hours of self-study and practice
  • Participated in supervised client sessions as part of the clinical module to hone their theoretical and clinical skills
  • Passed written and practical exams

We also undertake a Criminal Record check on behalf of all our Diploma students while they train with us so that clients can be confident in the practitioner they are working with.

  • Clinical Skills

  • Support

  • Experience of working in multiple fields

  • Accreditation

  • Duration of course, depth of knowledge and skills covered

  • Number of hours of face to face teaching and self study

  • Continuing professional development

  • Active research

  • Exam process for qualification

  • Diploma course has run every year since 1999

  • Criminal Record Check (DBS)


Our teaching is effective, creative and inspiring and meets differing learning styles.  We ask for feedback from all our student groups and use this to develop the courses further.

The lecture modules are delivered personally by Phil Parker; Phil is an excellent and highly sought-after speaker.  He is a university lecturer and has delivered trainings for over 30 years.  Phil has an NLP Master Trainer qualification from NLPU and is accredited as a trainer by the ANLP and INLPTA, and the Diploma course (attendance/live online version) is accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP.  You are also eligible to join the Hypnotherapy Directory and the Life Coaching Directory upon graduation.

Phil is involved in raising standards in NLP through his work with the NLP Leadership Summit and his development of professional NLP courses.  He is also committed to building a sound evidence base for NLP through research.

Our Diploma course is a comprehensive training which prepares our students to be highly skilled practitioners with:

  • Expertise in using the language of change
  • Thorough knowledge of clinical applications of NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy
  • An ability to work with a wide range of issues and clients’ needs in a calm, practical and professional manner

In order to do this, the training focuses on helping the students to develop a deep competence and knowledge of NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy; its theories, practices and principles.  Course content and skills are taught through a mixture of theory, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Student Support

Phil, our team of experienced tutors, the Head Office Team and returning students all support students with their studies during their time training with us.

Our commitment to our students continues after the training has finished as well; to support them in setting up their own business, when they qualify, we provide information and guidance around areas they need to consider and structures to put in place.

We also regularly offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to give students and NLP practitioners the opportunity to further develop their skills and professional practice and refresh their learning.

Our Commitment

We feel it’s essential when training to work in this field that appropriate levels of standards, mentoring and support are provided to meet the demands of becoming a member of a caring profession.  This has been our core aim since the inception of our College and we are very proud of the quality of the practitioners who graduate from our courses – we hope that you will join them!