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Acclaimed personal development lecturer, therapist & innovator

About Dr. Phil Parker

PhD, DO Dip E Hyp P NLP MBIH Certified Master Practitioner of NLP

This page explores many of the things which Phil does to help individuals, professionals and practitioners improve the lives and health of themselves, their teams and their patients.  Please contact us if we can help.

Phil as the Designer of the Lightning Process

25 years ago Phil created the Lightning Process which helps individuals to profoundly change their lives and health.  Since then he has trained practitioners who deliver it in 15 countries and on 5 different continents.  Phil continues to develop and research the Lightning Process approach and to make it available to everyone who could benefit from it.

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Phil as a Mind-Body Connection Expert

Everything that Phil does considers the powerful connection between the mind and the body and that when this is used for the good it can have a transformational effect on our relationships, work, health, happiness – basically everything!!  This is one of the key areas which is explored on the Lightning Process course.  Building on this further Phil researched how this can be used in business, sport and with addictions and created his P4 and TRP trainings.

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Phil as a Therapist/Practitioner

Phil has over 35 years of experience working with individuals to help them to make extraordinary changes in their lives and health.  He has a highly skilled team of practitioners who work very closely with him as well.

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Phil as a Healthcare Speaker

Because of his wealth of experience helping clients make rapid and sustained change using a range of tools, including the Lightning Process, and his talent for explaining complex ideas and concepts simply, Phil is regularly called upon to make keynote speeches/talks and to run bespoke trainings.  He has recently worked with The British Olympic team, GP appraisers in the UK and Osteopathic practices around the world.  You can find out more about what Phil has done and how he can help you and your team/organisation here…

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Phil as a Trainer

For the last 20 years Phil has been training students to be practitioners in NLP, Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process.  He runs practitioner and post-graduate course, and also personal development courses for people just wanting to work with him personally and benefit from his expertise.

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Phil’s work with NLP

Over the past few years, Phil has been involved with the NLP Leadership Summit which looks at raising awareness, research and value within the field of NLP.  In 2021, he won the ‘ANLP Inspiration Award for outstanding contribution in the field of NLP’ and in 2022 he won the ANLP ‘NLP in Healthcare’ Award.  You can find out more about both of these things by clicking on the links below…

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Phil as a Researcher & Author

Phil completed his PhD in the Psychology of Health at London Metropolitan University and is involved in research into a number of areas including the Lightning Process and Substance Use Disorders.  Phil has also written 4 books to help people to make change in their lives and is a Hay House Author.  You can read more about the research studies which have involved Phil’s work, the papers he’s written here and his books here…

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Phil as a person

Outside of his work Phil has many interests and passions including music (he once played the guitar with Eric Clapton but that’s another story…!), travel, photography (many of the photos on this site he took!), his dog Luna and of course his friends and family.  Many of these things influence, and are discussed in, his trainings and his valued newsletters.

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