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NLP Practitioner/Coach Courses

If you want to learn hypnotherapy, life coaching or NLP skills then our range of Practitioner courses are for you taking your training to a whole new level.




Both of these training courses begin with the NLP Life Skills Course as a foundation 2 day module – these can be booked separately as a taster/introduction module or together as part of one of the options below:


* Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Course
Take your NLP to Certified Practitioner level and your Coaching to Practitioner level with this incredible combined course over 5 modules of 15 days in total.

NLP is the closest thing we have to a manual on how to use our brains.  It can be used to achieve success in so many areas; so if you would like to learn how to enhance relationships, productivity, confidence and motivation; to change habits and to increase your ability to communicate even more effectively with others then this is the course for you.

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* Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy
This is the ultimate training programme for people who are really serious about becoming great practitioners and leaders in this field. This course includes the modules of the Certified NLP and Coaching course and builds on this with a 4 day clinical module where you work with real clients whilst being closely supervised in our College clinic – combined this will train you in all the skills you will need to begin effectively working with clients.

The course is run over 6 modules with a total of 19 days training.

Key benefits of our Clinical Diploma training:

  • Gain mastery in NLP & Life Coaching
  • Be personally trained by Phil Parker, a true innovator in personal development
  • Comprehensive training, manuals and videos; to ensure you feel prepared and confident to practice on graduation
  • Extensive supervised clinical experience; working in small groups with fellow course participants and real clients whilst being observed and coached by an experienced practitioner
  • On graduation you will be eligible for membership of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP
  • Your first step to becoming a Lightning Process Practitioner!

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Distance learning option for Diploma course…

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  • Thank you so much for such an incredible, enlightening experience.

    What an incredible
    learning opportunity,
    extremely professional
    and formal, I gained
    so much in practice as
    well as the theory.
    This has been probably
    the best learning I have
    ever experienced...

    I am delighted I chose
    this course; the rigour
    of the assessment has
    been and is exemplary.
    As an external marker for
    Winchester University it's
    heart-warming to see the
    standard of assessment is
    up there with many of the