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Become a Lightning Process Practitioner!

The Phil Parker Training Institute (PPTI) is the only College where you can train to be a Lightning Process (LP) Practitioner.  This world famous technique, developed by Phil Parker, can be used for a wide range of issues and totally transform the health and lives of your clients.

Getting prepared for your LP Practitioner training

Before training as a Lightning Process Practitioner you need a deep knowledge and practical and clinical experience of NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  This is provided by taking our Diploma and Masters courses.  If you feel you have some of these skills already please contact us with an outline of the qualifications and experience you have and we can discuss this.

Training overview

Below is an overview of your training route, the costs and timescales involved.  All three of these are separate, self contained courses. This means you don’t need to sign up to them all in one go or even in one year, and can spread the cost or time training to suit you – although we usually find that once people start training with us they are having so much fun they just want to continue!!

1. Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Full details about this can be found here
When: September 2017 – February/March 2018, 5 interactive taught modules and 1 clinical module (19 days in total)
Cost: £3804 (including VAT)
There is a distance learning option available – more details here

2. Master Practitioner in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy
Full details about this can be found here
When: March – April 2018, 2 interactive taught modules of 5 days in total (you also need to revisit 5 or more days from the Diploma course in Autumn 2018)
Cost: £1440 (including VAT)
There is a distance learning option available – more details here

3. Lightning Process Practitioner Training
Full details about this can be found here (2017 course details)
When: July – September 2018 approximately, 5 days of training, 2 observations (3 days each) and written and practical exams
Cost (2017 costs): training £2100 (including VAT), UK Licence £495 (including VAT) or International Licence £750

For a downloadable handout about becoming a LP Practitioner click here

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options with us please contact us.

  • Thank you so much for such an incredible, enlightening experience.

    What an incredible
    learning opportunity,
    extremely professional
    and formal, I gained
    so much in practice as
    well as the theory.
    This has been probably
    the best learning I have
    ever experienced...

    I am delighted I chose
    this course; the rigour
    of the assessment has
    been and is exemplary.
    As an external marker for
    Winchester University it's
    heart-warming to see the
    standard of assessment is
    up there with many of the
    Rebecca Ryder