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You can get Phil’s groundbreaking books as paperbacks or on Kindle. The Dû is still in stock on this website here


You can get Phil’s groundbreaking books as paperbacks or on Kindle:

The Coach That’s Always There – Inner Wisdom Whenever You Need It

Dû- Unlock Your Potential With A Word

Get the Life Love Now

The Ten Questions -To Ask For Success

What the experts say about Phil’s books…

“The tools in this book are essential for any adventurer. It gave me the perspective I needed to continue”- Ed Stafford, the first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon

“Hey, want to develop more integrity in your inner and outer world? Here are practical tools that support resilience, creativity, and that elusive and amazing quality, wisdom. Socrates said, “wisdom begins with wonder.” Dr. Phil has offered us a beautiful pathway between philosophy and knowledge for blooming in our lives. Use your ticket of life to create a more fulfilling journey. Thanks Dr. Phil.” – Judy Delozier, NLP pioneer

Dr Phil Parker’s latest book is simply brilliant. Phil is a great healer and like many innovators, he started that healing journey with himself when the medical experts said his hand would never move again. He went on to help tens of thousands through his amazing work, many of whom had lost hope from traditional approaches.
This book starts with a fantastic allegory of how Phil coached an Amazonian explorer via satellite phone. Due to frequent bad signal, Phil had to teach the explorer techniques to coach himself in case he couldn’t get through on the phone as a backup plan. From this the seeds of an idea were borne – how to become The Coach That is Always There. I highly recommend this book and will take it out myself often to use some of Phil’s excellent tools and tips.” – Robbie Steinhouse, NLP School founder and author of How to Coach with NLP

“Dr Phil is an expert academic, researcher, trainer and Coach. In this delightful volume using the foundation of essential Gateway States, he will show you how to identify, access and make use of your own Inner Wisdom using practical easy-to-follow coaching exercises, examples and simple explanations. This means you have access to the most up-to-date research findings in the form of a compact ‘How to Coach Yourself’ manual. This book just may put a lot of coaches out of business, and I am delighted to recommend it wholeheartedly.” – Dr Bruce Grimley. PhD, AFBPsS. Chartered Coaching Psychologist

“Phil Parker has a way with words and can teach you how to take command of your emotions, feelings, and hangups. Very cool!” Prof Dan Moerman, Author of Meaning, Medicine and the ‘Placebo Effect’

“I hope the importance of this innovative approach to medical health will spread rapidly to the practice of medicine and to all who need it.” Dr Susy Mikkelsen



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