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Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Package – LP Home Study Section & Destress Download – Download NOW! – Save £4.99


Combining the first steps of the Lightning Process with a separate download to relax and destress this is the perfect package for you if you’d like to use the Lightning Process to help with Anxiety.

Instantly download to your computer and listen on your iPad, iPhone, smart phone or mp3 player.


You can find full information about both products, including customer reviews, through the links below:
Part 1 of the Lightning Process for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
Relaxation & De-Stress Vol. 1

Instantly download to your computer and listen on your iPad*, iPhone*, smart phone or mp3 player.  Listen as Phil Parker takes you through phase one the LP with this life changing interactive programme. (*please read the instructions below for how to listen to the download through your iPhone or iPad)


Please note: you will not be able to ‘do’ the COMPLETE Lightning Process simply by listening to this section, as it is contains only the first of the three phases of the Lightning Process. After listening to it you will need to take the second phase of working with an experienced practitioner.


Other options available

There’s a number of other options available, tailored to your individual needs – you can chose from:
OCD, Depression & all other issues Package
Pain, Fibromyalgia & Tinnitus Package
CFS/ME, Post Viral Fatigue & Fatigue Package


Order now…

Order the Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks Package, and download it to your computer right away for £19.99.

Included in this package is exclusive access to an interactive support forum to help put the training included in the download into practice and where you can ask Phil and other practitioners any questions you have about the Lightning Process.  It also gives you an opportunity to talk to other people who have bought this product.

Running time approx. 110 mins


How do I download it?

It couldn’t be simpler, as after purchasing it you’ll be sent an email:

  1. In the email you will receive there will be a link to your download, clicking on this link will transfer the audio programme to your computer
  2. Some computer do this for you already, so please check your ‘Download’ folder to find it!
  3. So within a few minutes you will be able to listen it on your computer, or if you want to, send it to your iPod/phone etc.

If you don’t receive your email within a few minutes please check your junk folder as it’s likely to have gone there by mistake!

Please don’t download these directly onto your iPad or iPhone – it won’t work.  You’ll need to download them to your computer first, add them to iTunes and then sync to your iPad or iPhone – sorry it’s an apple thing :)


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