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Phil’s latest book

I think I have finally finished my latest book ‘Dûing- the new language of change’.
It’s a bit of departure from my last book about the Lightning Process, as this is much more a book about philosophy, language and how to use words to change your life.
It returns to some of the core themes that are the main focus of my work as an inventor and designer – considering old problems and creating new solutions.
This process involves 3 main steps:
examining all the existing information as to why things are stuck in the way they are
questioning that information to see if it still valid
designing new solutions based on a new and different understanding of the problem
One of the things that drives this interest for me is my deep sense of discomfort when I see people being told there is no hope or answer to the problems in their lives.
I know I am not alone in abhorring this feeling that they shouldn’t have to resign themselves to just waiting for the possibility that things might or might not improve.
If you feel the same you might find it an interesting read.

About Phil Parker

Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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