NLP Life Skills

5th-6th September 2020

“This was an amazing experience and I took away so many new skills and learning.”

“Have no doubt that you will personally gain from attending this course.”

“What an amazing, inspirational course!

“I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

A thoroughly enjoyable 2 days with wonderful people.

Unfortunately we are unsure, due to the current travel and movement restrictions because of COVID-19, whether this course will be able to run.  If you are interested in the course please contact us and we can keep you informed about this…  We are now offering an online version of this course – you can find out more about this here: https://www.philparker.org/training-courses/nlp-life-skills

This two day course takes you deep into the exciting fields of NLP and coaching.  You’ll learn the key skills that will dramatically enhance your communication, relationships, sense of personal power and help you to realise your dreams.  You’ll quickly discover how you can use NLP and Coaching to help you, and those around you, to have a happier, more successful and positive life.

So, seize the opportunity to train with Phil Parker, Certified Master Trainer of NLP, principal and lead lecturer of PPTI and one of the world’s leading NLP and Coaching experts, and book your place now!

Course Content:

Morning Session

  • Introducing NLP and Coaching
  • Applications of neuroscience – discovering how to make your brain work for you
  • How to rewire your brain for success
  • Tools for making change as easy as possible
  • Putting the extraordinary power of your mind to great use
  • The power of words to change lives and health
  • The missing manual – the user’s guide to the mind

Afternoon Session

  • Using the skills of the morning to make awesome change
  • Rapport – the secrets to building successful relationships at work and at home
  • Create deep relaxation – for yourself and others
  • Identify issues – help yourself and others to rapidly recognise blocks
  • Setting Supercharged Coaching goals with NLP to break through those blocks
  • Q&A

Morning Session

  • Creating a new, more creative, way of looking at the world with NLP
  • Deepening states – skills to help yourself, and anybody else, into a life changing mindset
  • Reducing anxiety and stress – key NLP techniques to change how you feel
  • Coaching skills – tools to work compassionately and effectively, at home, work or in any situation

Afternoon Session

  • Anchoring – how to recall great feelings and experiences in an instant
  • Changing futures with words – understanding the power of your words to a new level
  • Moving your life onwards – tools to break through blocks and eliminate procrastination
  • Key NLP technique of the Circle of Excellence – becoming your best you, everywhere and with anyone
  • Integration of your new skills
  • Q&A

Basic Details:

Dates and Times
Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th September 2020, 10am-6pm
(There are other opportunities to take this course in 2020, so if you are unable to make this date then please email us for more options.)

Course Leader
Phil Parker

Course Fees
Only £245 +VAT (£294)

Provisionally: Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL

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