NLP for Health – Advanced Approaches to Transforming Health

July 2021

The changes Dr Phil Parker PhD and his work achieve in healthcare can often seem magical to those whose lives have been transformed. Phil however considers the changes are simply the result of applying robust approaches skilfully and these can be learnt by anyone interested in mastering these techniques.

Dr Phil Parker is one of the world’s leading experts on NLP and healthcare. He developed the Lightning Process which has transformed the lives of over 25,00 people in 22 countries, has been recognised for his contribution to NLP and healthcare, being a finalist in the ANLP Healthcare awards for four years in a row.  He has published numerous papers and had books and work translated into many languages.

This course builds on concepts delivered in his recent 2021 NLP speeches.

Is this course for you?

To take this course you need to hold an NLP Practitioner level certificate.

Course Structure

This inspiring skill-based three day course will equip you with practical tools to work on your own and others health issues.  Building on your current skillset you will learn a structured approach to health.  There will be a wide range of topics, more details below.  All days are a mixture of interactive lectures, demonstrations with students and the opportunity to practice what you have learnt with others.

What you’ll learn…

  • Exploring Deep Language Skills to influence the conscious and unconscious aspects of health change
  • Creating a Congruency of Beliefs (adapted from Dilts’ work)
  • Excellence in using Erickson’s My Friend John Pattern
  • The Compass Process for belief and mindset change
  • Developing Powerful healing States
  • The Control Room Pattern
  • Timeline Re-Processing Pattern
  • Delivery of skills and processes and an opportunity to practice them
  • A clinical demonstration by Phil using these skills, along with a range of other linked interventions to help a client achieve health changes
  • A full debrief and discussion of the demonstration

Course Dates and Times

Tuesday 13th-Thursday 15th July 2021, 10am-6pm

Course Fees

The cost of this three day course is £540 (£450 +VAT).

Any Questions

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the course with us then please get in touch (

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