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NLP for doctors & HCP

We have a range of courses for clinicians: so if you’re a doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse, osteopath, chiropractor or some allied caring profession, we can provide you with the very best professional NLP training.

Why train with us?

Having worked as a clinician, as an osteopath, NLP coach and psychotherapist, Phil Parker is the ideal trainer for anyone working in healthcare who wishes to learn effective NLP to add to their existing skill set.

Phil is knowledgeable, experienced and considered an authority in the field; he conveys the essentials of NLP that you need, whilst ensuring his trainings are engaging, enjoyable and valuable.

Which course is for me?

NLP Life Skills: We’d recommend taking this two day course, which introduces you to using NLP in your practice.

NLP Practitioner Level: If you wish to become fully qualified as a practitioner and to have wide range of skills then the Certified NLP Practitioner course is the one for you.

Keynote speeches and day training for health teams: if you require bespoke training and talks please do email us

Recent feedback:

‘Using some NLP tips picked up at the weekend with my IBD patients in clinic this A.M.  -great positivity !’

‘Asking my fatigued IBD patients today to check out Phil Parker’s work. Positive Behavior change is infectious!

‘The feedback was great, your session received 22 rating excellent and 1 rating good.
Comments for your session:

  • It will change the way I communicate with patients and the language I use
  • Just brilliant
  • Fantastic, really interesting. Could have listened for longer!
  • This will change the way I will assess pain
  • I can see the importance of changing the words I use when counselling patients, and be more positive

Thanks again’

‘One of nurses who attended your seminar was so excited and encouraged me to look at your website or contact you to see if you would be available to speak at our support group’

Below is a recent list of some of our clients in health care and some of the organisations course delegates work for:

NHS England, NHS Northern Ireland, University of Southampton School of Medicine, London Metropolitan University School of Psychology, Abbvie health care.





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