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Our Diploma course has been training students to be excellent Practitioners and Coaches for over 25 years.  Dr Phil Parker has a wealth of clinical experience which you will learn during fun, interactive sessions.  This NLP course will teach you to be confident when working with a wide range of issues to help others transform their health and wellbeing – leading to a worthwhile and fulfilling career for you!

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In a recent survey:
100% of students said they would recommend our Diploma course to others!

Reasons to choose this NLP course:

  • Professional NLP training

  • Interactive teaching

  • Accreditated qualification

  • In-depth course content

  • Powerfully combining NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy

  • Taught personally by Dr Phil Parker

  • Work with real clients during the course

  • Help others make transformational change

  • Meet other like-minded students

  • Lots of opportunities for personal change

  • Support during and after course

  • Have a fulfilling and empowering career

  • Become the best practitioner you can be!

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Learn NLP the Phil Parker way! I cannot recommend Phil and his training style highly enough


I would highly recommend the Diploma journey to anyone who is thinking about a powerfully transformative experience.

Diploma Course Student

“Phil Parker is probably one of the best trainers I have encountered.  His easy, relaxed manner of interaction really makes his course really enjoyable and increases your chances of real success in the fascinating arena.”


“I had always had the goal of becoming a practitioner after attending the Lightning Process® to recover from Fibromyalgia and ME back in 2009. I researched options to take the training and always came back to the course run by Phil, it’s content was far more comprehensive than that of others. I’m so glad I did!

Now as a practitioner, I often meet other ‘Master’ NLP Practitioners and am astounded by how much more I know – even having only just qualified. If you are considering taking the Diploma/Advanced/Masters then I would highly recommend these courses. It has provided me with a solid knowledge base to run my own successful business.

Phil’s ability to connect with a wide range of people allows this to be an all-inclusive course – he has a way of explaining content to ensure full understanding. The course is designed to ensure that all participants pass with a high standard, clinical assessment is included for those who want to take their knowledge further.I learnt so much more than I could ever have imagined.”


Phil’s training is of impeccably high standards and quality, I am so glad that I trained with Phil. 

You will learn so many vital and transformational skillsets in this diploma course that you will be able to help as many people as you wish to, having the fortunate position to have an array of NLP tools you can use to help them create positive lasting change in their lives. The clinical assessment as part of this training means the standard of training you receive as a practitioner is very high and to be commended, well done to Phil and all of the team for delivering this training and spreading NLP & Hypnotherapy to as many as possible.

On this journey you will grow personally and collectively as a group, with Phil’s expertise guiding you all the way to qualifying, wonderful! 10/10.”

Jason from Ireland

“If you spoke to me in person about this course you would see my eyes light up and hear the excitement in my voice – it is that good.  Phil delivers it in such an entertaining and interesting way which keeps you focused and makes it easy to learn.  I would certainly recommend it!”


“What an amazing, inspirational course! I loved every minute of it and have already started putting into practice what I learnt. Phil is so engaging and makes the course really fun. I met some lovely people too. I can’t recommend it enough!”


“I had a fantastic year’s training at the Phil Parker Training Institute. I learned loads about NLP and Hypnotherapy, and felt that Phil had thought hard about how to present things in a way we could easily grasp, and when we didn’t he tried again! I felt completely engaged the whole time, and although there was plenty of work to do, and it all felt very new at first, I never regretted my decision to do the course.”


“Fantastic! I thought I knew a bit about NLP until I did this wonderful indepth course. Simply an amazing journey of learning and self discovery. I can’t emphasise enough how easy Phil makes it and how well the group gained so much rapport together. I thoughly recommend doing the Clinical Trials as well they really help you sharpen the fantastic skills you have already learned to make you a true professional in your field.”


“The Clinical NLP Practitioner and Life Coaching Diploma is a superb training from which I learnt so much about people and very quick ways to improve life and add more choice and richness to my experience and that of others.

This is a thorough training and the practical clinical assessments at the end of this course are absolutely worth while for anyone serious about practicing in this area, my experience of this course is that it is thorough and keeps you on your toes with learning. The tutors are wonderful and offer their experience and insight on each Skype call as well as offering a safe space to practice and learn practical elements of this course.

Highly recommended.”

Cameron from New Zealand

“The Diploma course teachings offer an amazing insight into how we humans operate and the techniques I have learned from this course has already changed my perspective on life and how I manage myself, for the better. I have also had the privilege of helping others to likewise, to make important positive life change with the skills that I have developed from my participation on the course. The delivery of the course is fun and engaging and the lecturers, coaches and the Phil Parker team all offer great support to students in completing their study. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it”


“Fascinating course if you’re interested in the link between brain and body – it will change how you think about your life and how you live it. And Phil is an inspirational speaker, but it all makes intellectual sense. And best of all – it’s fun!”


“I began the course for personal development, after using the LP to recover from ME. The course has far exceeded my expectations, both personally and professionally, and I have made changes I never thought possible. As a result of the high standard of teaching and the focus on clinical practice, I now plan to carry on working with clients and have a multitude of skills to apply in all areas of my life. The course has been completely transformational for me and I would recommend it to anyone interested in changing any aspect of their life.”


“When I signed up for Phil Parker’s Diploma course I was expecting a great deal. I hoped to gather what I knew would be amazing tools to help others and, given that I live on the west coast of the U.S., I was immensely relieved to learn that there was a distance learning option that would allow me to acquire these skills without spending days of my life (and a large chunk of the family bank account) on traveling to and fro. The results, though, have completely exceeded my expectations.

Doing this course has, quite simply, been a life-changing experience for me. I am consistently amazed at both the positive changes I see in myself and the extraordinary potential of the skills we are learning to transform the lives of other people. Phil is a phenomenally gifted teacher; I have the benefit of a remarkable tutor who guides and teaches via Skype with great skill and commitment; my fellow students are all teachers as well as learners; and the structure of the course is so well thought through that learning seems both easy and fun.

In fact, the course is so much fun that I have voluntarily traveled to London several more times than required for the distance learning option, happily stretching the family bank account and subjecting myself to hours on an airplane, because — even though I have wonderful distance learning tools — it is just so exhilarating to experience this course first hand. I could not recommend it more highly!”

Amanda from the USA

“Very well run and high professional standards. The theory is delivered with panache and each module builds on the last with well though through progression. Modules are tested in small groups with real clients under expert tutorage. Demanding and rewarding.”


“Best course I have attended this year. If there is one course you choose to do this year, then this is the course! Phil’s knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery is what kept you engaged. It opens your mind to so many possibilities and you meet the most wonderful like-minded people. I cant wait to learn more!!”


“Have no doubt that you will personally gain from attending this course no matter who you are or what you are searching for.”


“Excellent! Just being on the course was a great, life changing experience in itself!  Phil delivers excellent training – really well explained, brilliantly demonstrated and then loads of practice time for the students. And what a great bunch of students! It was a pleasure being with them.”


“This Course has been perfect so far. The lectures and the clinics help us to do the best we can.”

Kari from Norway

“I joined the Diploma course in 2016 after ‘thinking about it’ for three years…and I’m so glad I did it! This course has challenged me, nurtured me, inspired me, shifted the way I think and feel about myself (for the better!) and given me the tools, skills and knowledge I was seeking to start my own practice helping people to see their world differently and move forward with confidence.

It’s an absolute pleasure to study with Phil; the quality of the content, training and supervision is truly world-class. I would highly recommend the Diploma journey to anyone who is thinking about a powerfully transformative experience.”


“It was a real pleasure to be taught by Phil, who is not only a master of the techniques he teaches, but always makes learning challenging as well as fun.  I loved Phil’s presentation style – balancing the challenge of learning the material with humour and fun.  The Diploma taught me so much more than I’d realised possible. It was a great introduction to the material and really well-taught.  I really enjoyed the fact that students from previous years as well as senior level tutors were on hand to offer help and advice through the Diploma.  Thanks Phil for an amazing introduction to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Even if I never practice as a Therapist (which I probably will), I know I will always use the tools – especially in Coaching myself – for the rest of my life.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course; it was perfectly pitched & great reinforcement of the magic of LP. Phil was an inspirational & energetic speaker with great anecdotes which brought the theoretical aspects effortlessly to life. Highly recommended for anyone!”


“Deciding to do the Clinical NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Diploma via distance learning was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The course content was really thought provoking and I found myself eagerly looking forward to the next module! Phil is an excellent teacher and even though I wasn’t in the actual classroom with my classmates, and my learning was ‘virtual’ it was easy to engage and become part of what I was learning. I actually felt like I knew the other students because I got to see them every month on the videos! What I have learnt has been life changing and has enhanced my understanding of how people do what they do, and how change happens. My new learnings have become a part of all that I do now, and I am very glad that I’ve done the training.

It was incredibly helpful to have a skype tutor too. My tutor was like a life line! She gave me such valuable insights and helped me to practice the things I was learning.

The trips I made to the UK were absolute highlights. I was incredibly challenged and given great opportunities to grow and develop. And it was really fun to meet my classmates “in the flesh”! I would recommend the distance learning option without reservation.”

Sarah from New Zealand, Diploma Course - Distance Learning

“When I began the Diploma in September I could not foresee how life changing this course would be. The content and design ensure that not only are you trained in a professional and friendly manner but also in a way that enables students to transform as they progress through the course. In my experience this is without doubt the most amazing course I have ever trained on.”


“A fantastic course, which will enhance your life.”


“Phil is a really brilliant trainer, made it interesting and a lot of fun”


“I really enjoyed the Diploma course, not only did I learn a new approach to language and a whole new set of skills,It proved to be a voyage of discovery for myself as well. I just wish I’d had these skills when I worked as a nurse in rehabilitation.”


“The study at the Phil Parker Trainer Institute has been like a journey in a treasurebox. Each module has been really interesting and valuable. I think the combination of the NLP, Life-coaching and Hypnotherapy makes this work strong and flexible. The Lightning Process study on top of this, makes it even more important and life-enhancing. The way Phil has been a teacher makes everything easy and funny, but at the same time serious. This has been really good to me and I am looking forward to work in this field and have got a lot of new friends and colleagues.”

Ingvild from Norway, Practitioner Training

I learnt so much more than I could ever have imagined.


“The diploma course was everything I hoped it would be and more. The course was well thought out, brilliantly taught and aimed at producing practitioners of a high standard. Since qualifying I have had some fantastic results with clients and I get tremendous joy from helping others to change their lives.”


“The training I received at the Phil Parker Training Institute was very thorough, the opportunity to practise with real clients with close supervision, was excellent. The time frame was ideal, allowing plenty of time to practise and develop skills. The tutors were very skilled and Phil Parker keeps the training fun. I gained a really good grounding in the skills I needed to work in the field, I can totally recommend the training courses at the PPTI.”


“We have studied for many years and have University degrees, but we have never experienced any personal growth similar to the first year with Phil Parker in London. We strongly recommend this for everyone looking for changes in any ways!”

Live and Vibeke from Norway

“Phil is truly inspirational.”


“Thank you so much for such an incredible, enlightening experience. What an incredible learning opportunity, extremely professional and formal, I gained so much in practice as well as the theory. This has been probably the best learning I have ever experienced…

I am delighted I chose this course; the rigour of the assessment has been and is exemplary. As an external marker for Winchester University it’s heart-warming to see the standard of assessment is up there with many of the universities.”


“After doing this course I got the bug completely and went on to do the Masters and Advanced elements and I’m in the throws of training to be a Lightning Process practitioner now! I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single minute of the courses, Phil has an excellent way of teaching and made it both fun and captivating but importantly the content is very comprehensive. The course is all recorded which means you can watch the whole course as many times as you wish.”


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