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NLP Accreditation

We think that having a well regulated profession is essential for good training, maintaining high standards of NLP practice and ensuring members of the public can be confident in the practitioner they chose to work with.

Currently the field of NLP is self-regulated, with a range of different types and levels of training that are difficult for anyone new to NLP to make sense of.

Our Diploma course is accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, which insists on all students having extensive clinical experience as part of their training; we feel this an essential requirement for training practitioners to use NLP with clients.

Phil is also a member of the Association of NLP (ANLP) and of the NLP Leadership Summit (NLPLS), which is made up of a group of experienced NLP trainers whose mission is to  help raise the professionalism of NLP and promote the development of high quality NLP worldwide.  Recent published reports of the NLPLS can be found here:

We are confident that our courses are some of the most comprehensive out there and we are always happy to speak to other accreditation bodies if there is one our students are particularly interested in joining!

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