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Language for Education

small groupLearn to apply new language skills to further enhance your students’ educational experience.

Simple effective language strategies for encouraging engagement, motivation and performance.

Create a shared and positive culture throughout the staff team and extending to the students with the use of key language skills.

Understand recent advances in brain science and apply them to enhance your classroom delivery and management skills.


Benefits of NLP in education:

  • Low tech
  • Easily acquired skills
  • No additional time or cost required
  • Enhances the relationships between all those involved


Morning session:

  • Neuroplasticity and it’s role in behaviour
  • Uncovering the pitfalls of commonly used language
  • Learn how to use language to increase students motivation and performance


Afternoon session:
Focus on applying the NLP tools to your choice of:

  • Spelling strategy – using NLP tools to assist those who struggle with spelling
  • Anti-bullying – how language can assist to address bullying issues
  • Stress – stress busting techniques
  • Behaviour – usilising language in an effective way to promote positive behaviour within the classroom

Book an Inset Day course to cover Language Skills in Education and create the programme to meet your School’s needs. For more information or to book your course, contact us.

“Phil is such an extraordinary teacher and educator that he can shift the way people think and deal with problems.”
Fleur Appleby-Deen

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