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Happy, Stress Free Christmas?

Do you want a Happy, Stress Free Christmas? 

Stress free Christmas
Christmas should be, we are told, a time of joy and fun – but for many it never quite works out that way. Use these top tips taken from the UK’s leading personal development expert Phil Parker’s Stress Free Christmas CD to make sure you do have a Happy Christmas
Festive stress
For most people Christmas stresses fall into one of two groups;
1) Other people
2) Over whelmed
1) Other people
The stress around this can be enormous at Christmas time. One of the easiest things to deal with differently is those people who you find can easily upset or annoy you.
If someone is difficult to deal with (it’s not always the mother in law) try these tips:
A. Stay calm: take a deep breath in and remind yourself of something deeply relaxing; a beach holiday a walk in the forest. The chances are they don’t really mean to upset you; so let it go. If they do mean to be mean, then they’re probably not having a great Christmas, so you can just feel sorry for them, and remember: is their opinion that important?
B. Funny fish head: imagine every time they say something that usually upsets you, you imagine they have a large fish sitting on their head, and it’s just flapping around as they talk. Notice how that changes how seriously you take what they say.
2) Over whelmed
This can take many forms, worrying about catering, shopping, present buying, Christmas cards, entertaining and so on.
Often these take over so much that’s there no fun to be had, no time to relax or to enjoy your friends and family. This can of course then lead to resentful arguments about how nobody helped.
There are some simple solutions:
1) Ask: if you want help ask for it. Now, it won’t always be given but so often people don’t even ask – expecting it will ‘be obvious’ to everyone that they should lend a hand. Make it easier this year by requesting some help
2) Bite size pieces: If you find it all becoming too much saying phrases like “ there TOO/SO much to do” then pause for a moment and do what the expert planners do. Ask ‘what’s the first tiny step?’
Planning the whole 5 course banquet, presents, and house keeping for 12 people is likely to make your head spin, but discovering the first tiny step is  ‘Creating a good shopping list’ makes you feel you are working on the bigger project and that it is actually possible.
Above all realise that worrying about things rarely helps to make things better, so make sure you make the right things important this year, focus up on having fun, kicking off your shoes and dancing with life this Christmas!
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About Phil Parker

Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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