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Phil Parker has a range different podcast series:

Essential NLP Podcast Series

This is a great introduction to NLP and has topped the iTunes charts, been downloaded on every continent and over 600,000 times!  Phil Parker presents down to earth, practical and easily applied NLP in this series.  Download episodes for free now! There are also additional series’ here…



Instant Motivation Podcast Series
iTunes’ favourite Motivation podcast. Phil Parker presents a range of skills and tools to help you move your life forward, and find out what’s been stopping you. Get your daily dose of inspiration from one of the world’s leading change experts.  Download it now!




Lightning Process (LP)
We’ve four different LP podcasts to help you before and after the LP,. They introduce the LP, the team, answer frequently ask questions and explain concepts around the LP to help improve your life.

This popular series has 50 episodes available: Download it now!  And for the transcripts and newsletters visit their website here:




Lightning Process London Logo
More recently we have started a new podcast called ‘Lightning Process London’ which looks at common questions we get asked all the time about the Lightning Process.  Download it now!  Jacqui Aston, Kate Gare, Helen Harding and Phil Parker answer your questions – so email us with anything you would like covered in the next episode!


Or Phil’s podcast series about the Lightning Process and the mind body connection.  Download it now!





Get The Life You Love Now…

Listen to fascinating interviews with amazing people that will inspire you!  In this video series Phil interviews authors, journalists, people who jacked in their jobs for a better life, people who started a new career to follow their dreams, ex-junkies who got clean and a whole range of fascinating and inspiring souls…

Interviews with Steve Edge, Mario Cacciottolo, Ali Campbell, Patrick Strudwick and Derek Mills are already available!  Download it now!


Addiction – Research – Recovery
Want to get out of addictions, help others to or just get up to date with some of the latest ideas? This inspiring and thoughtful podcast, presented by best selling author Phil Parker will get you thinking a new. Download it now!






Phil Parker takes you through the simplest way to mediate and become mindful. Designed from his own reluctance to get down to meditation, use this programme and see how you can start to meditate like a zen master – maybe! Download it now!




21st Century Osteopathy

Established and new ideas for improving your practice from Osteopath and Personal Development expert Phil Parker.  If you are an osteopath, chiropractor, medic or anyone interested in taking healthcare forward this is for you…  There’s one episode available at the moment – Please contact us if you are interested in listening to it and for the transcript.

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