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Everyone is our teacher

What if we changed our perspective on the people that annoyed us, the situations that irritated us,  and the un-thoughtfulness of others?

And instead of finding even more reasons to be frustrated, indignant and appalled we took on a new point of view?

A point of view where we decided to see everyone as a teacher. Where  we recognise everybody has a lesson for us: it might be that it’s to remind us not to be like that ourselves,  or maybe to remind us to be more compassionate and accepting of others.

If you keep on coming up against the same blocks and obstacles, the same “kind of difficult people” are getting the way of your progress,  than perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt, and also it’s possible that until you learn whatever that lesson is,  there’s a good chance you keep on bumping into these issues.

My challenge to you is to play with taking this more powerful perspective on about the elements of your life that you can’t actually change, others. It might be just what you need to start 2013 in a new way.

You can hear me talking more about this and how we can use it to change our brains, and lives, on my Essential NLP Podcast here

About Phil Parker

Phil specialises in the psychology of health, happiness and genius.

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